February 2013 #cloudchat recap: Is customer service cloud’s Achilles heel?

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Commerce on the cloud: Ask the right questions

Commerce on the cloud covers a wide range of options, but at the basic level it is having your storefront hosted by a cloud service.

How I explained dynamic cloud to my kids

“Daddy, what do you do?” Ugh, there’s that dreaded question again. Honestly, there are days I wish I’d gone into medicine, teaching or even astrophysics, if only so I could more easily explain what I do. My saving grace is that kids today understand more about computers than I do; my seven and eight year […]

A futuristic view of cloud management

By Thomas Andersen and Saumil Patel The year is 2020. We are sitting here waiting for our cloud deployment request to complete. We go to the Cloud Control Center dashboard to see exactly where our request is. There’s a green indicator for each step of the deployment process that has successfully completed. We can click […]