What factors will shape the cloud landscape in 2013? #cloud13x13

Cloud is a fast moving and interconnected market. What do you think will be the most critical market forces or dynamics in cloud in 2013?

From 10th – 14th December I, Doug Clark, IBM UK Cloud Lead (@cloudstuff), will host an open discussion on Twitter to share and develop ideas on cloud.

To make this distinctive, let’s look for ideas to be encapsulated as single words e.g. DATA or SECURITY, with a short supporting description.

IBM will then analyse all the responses and share the results back via this blog and on Twitter in the new year, highlighting the top 13 ideas that you see for cloud.  Join in the conversation with me on Twitter using #cloud13x13.

So, which words might make the cut?

Of course there are some old favourites that no doubt will remain important, including:

  • DATA – 90% of all data has been created in the last two years. How ‘Big Data’ is captured and stored will be key #cloud13x13

But then there are some emerging ideas that might become truly centre stage in 2013, For example:

  • MOBILE – Cloud will need to be accessed on mobile platforms to match users’ expectations of how they will consume #cloud13x13

And it would be great to add some new or alternative ideas such as:

  • AMBITION – C suite leaders will have to expand their aspirations to unleash the power of cloud #cloud13x13

How to join the conversation:

Follow me @cloudstuff on Twitter and tweet using #cloud13x13, throw in your own key word IN CAPITAL LETTERS for consideration in the final Cloud 13×13 list and also discuss your views with other cloud experts and thought leaders.

I’ll be continuing the discussion throughout this week.

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