December #cloudchat: Looking back at 2012 and forward to 2013

For our last #cloudchat of 2012, we wanted to look back at this year in terms of how the cloud computing landscape has progressed. In December 2011, we assembled a panel of analysts and discussed trends and predictions, and we’re thrilled to be reprising this topic with new #cloudchat guests Stephen O’Grady, James Kobielus and Hyoun Park. We’re also very excited to welcome back one of last year’s experts, Judith Hurwitz.

During the 2011 chat, we asked the panel to give some predictions for the year ahead, and some of the responses included that cloud pricing would finally work itself out, that it would be the year of PaaS, and that vertical markets would significantly increase cloud adoption.

For our chat on Thursday, Dec. 13, from 4-5 p.m. ET, we’ll revisit some of last year’s predictions, talk about 2012 specifically, and look forward. We hope you’ll join us to weigh in with your own thoughts!

Here’s more information about our expert panel this year:

Stephen O’Grady, Co-Founder Redmonk

Stephen is an industry analyst and a co-founder of Redmonk along with James Governor. He previously worked at Illuminata, Blue Hammock, DiaLogos and Keane, Inc. He lives in Maine and is an avid Red Sox fan.

James Kobielus, IBM Big Data Evangelist

As IBM’s big data evangelist, James Kobielus is IBM Senior Program Director, Product Marketing, Big Data Analytics solutions. He is an industry veteran, a popular speaker and social media participant, and a thought leader in Big Data, Hadoop, enterprise data warehousing, advanced analytics, business intelligence, data management, and next best action technologies.

Judith Hurwitz, President and CEO, Hurwitz & Associates

Hurwitz & Associates is a strategy consulting and research firm focused on distributed computing technologies. A pioneer in anticipating technology innovation and adoption, Judith advocates for a pragmatic adoption of an architectural and business approach to the emerging market for cloud computing, service orientation, and service management. She has served as a trusted advisor to many industry leaders over the years.

Hyoun Park, Principal Analyst, Nucleus Research

Hyoun Park oversees primary investigative research on analytics, big data, business analytics, social software, and enterprise mobility. He combines his telco, sabermetrics, social networking, and expense management backgrounds to describe key value propositions associated with analytics and emerging business technologies. He has keynoted multiple end-user and industry events and has served as an advisor for companies seeking insight on upcoming market trends.

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As always, here’s the full rundown of how the #cloudchat works:

  • What: A Twitter chat is an online conversation held at a pre-arranged time following a specific hashtag, in this case #cloudchat. You will need a Twitter ID to take part.
  • When: Thursday, December 13, at 4 p.m. ET, repeating the 2nd Thursday of every month at 4 p.m. ET.
  • Where: The chat can be followed on Twitter using the hashtag #cloudchat. Alternatively, log on and access the chat on twebevent. A recap will be posted on this blog the following Friday.
  • Why: To facilitate additional industry dialogue and provide a forum for questions, idea sharing, and problem solving. We want your input on what you’d like to discuss during future chats, so please leave a comment on this post or tweet @ibmcloud with topic ideas.
  • Who: Anyone and everyone is welcome to join!


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