Accelerating private cloud


Many enterprises are planning their private cloud environment construction. Many IT providers already announce new products for private cloud. I firmly believe that IBM PureSystems is one of the most optimized systems for private cloud. It has a function of resource pools of server, storage, and network. I think for private cloud acceleration, IT providers should provide follow-up functions in migrating to virtualized environments, which are currently working on the non-virtualized environment.

Three use cases of appliances with private cloud

Currently, there are so many use cases of non-virtualized appliance products with private cloud.

Use case 1: Private cloud work in their data center

Use case 2: Private cloud work with software as a service (SaaS)

Use case 3: Private cloud third party vendor infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS)

Consideration for accelerating private cloud

Examples of non-virtualized appliance products:

・ Wide Area Network (WAN) accelerator

WAN accelerator has a function of data compress, data caching, and control network wideband and so on for accelerating WAN communication speed.

・ Secure Socket Layer (SSL) accelerator

SSL accelerator is efficient for speed of SSL networking.

・ Network dispatcher

Recently, network dispatcher has so many functions, including web session control with multi web servers. Many enterprises use network dispatcher with the redundant configuration for availability and scalability.

・ Firewall

For security, we need firewall appliances. Firewall has the function of domain name system, network address transfer and port control and so on.

Currently, many enterprises use above non-virtualized appliances. For accelerating private cloud, IT vendors should provide these functions below:

Option 1. Provide service as a virtual appliance.

Option 2. Rental service provides using a non-virtualized appliance.

We can improve speed and expansion of the system. Furthermore, we can escape from physical restrictions. As a result, private cloud is accelerated and improved in its portability.

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