Invitation: October 24th/25th IBM SmartCloud Enterprise developers group virtual meeting

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Migrating Workloads on the Cloud

A meeting for SCE customers and users of the REST APIs and related tools to develop solutions on the cloud. Previously known as the API Users Group.


  • US / Europe meeting, October 24, 10 a.m. Eastern US, or
  • Asia Pacific alternate meeting: October 25, 11 a.m. Beijing time


  • Migrating Workloads on the Cloud by Alex Amies, Cloud Architect, IBM
    • Workload migration overview
    • Best practices
    • Simple applications
    • Composite applications
    • Tools for workload migration
    • Case studies
      • Migrating a WebSphere application with wsadmin and DNS
      • Synchronizing files for a database application with rsync

Presentation materials{52B1DDBC-2647-006A-B6D4-4F22E8AFEB90}&v=1.0


I will post news and other information of interest relating to the group at this blog:


Recover inaccessible instances using QEMU by Claudio Popescu and Mihai Criveti, link:

Developing and Hosting Applications on the Cloud by Alex Amies, Harm Sluiman, Qiang Guo Tong, Guo Ning Liu. Published by IBM Press and available at Amazon Books at

Meeting information

Participant passcode: 4637620581

Call-in numbers:

United States  8773614620

United States  4042870038

China, North  108006500420

China, South  108002650437

China  4006860037-Mobile

Canada  4042870038

Canada  8773614620

Australia  1800090738

Australia, Brisbane  0740151440

Germany  08006647485

Germany, Frankfurt  069222228467

India  180030104580

India, *BSNL & MTNL ONLY*  0008006103118

India, Bangalore  08039417340

India, Mumbai  02230985374

India, New Delhi  01139417330

Belgium, Brussels  027897450

Singapore 8001012464

Hong Kong 800967800

To find other call-in numbers follow the url below and enter the participant code.

Web meeting (IBM)


The IBM SmartCloud Enterprise Developers Group (previously API User Group) is a technical community composed of individuals interested in the application programming interfaces (APIs) of the IBM SmartCloud Enterprise offering. The group includes customers, IBM Business Partners, independent software vendors, and IBM employees who share a common interest in understanding the APIs of the IBM SmartCloud Enterprise offering and how they can be used to automate processes and build solutions that integrate with IBM SmartCloud Enterprise.

The IBM SmartCloud Developers Group is hosted by Alex Amies. Alex is a Senior Software Engineer in the GTS Development Lab team. He has been with IBM since 2002. His current assignment is Architect with the design team for the IBM SmartCloud Enterprise public cloud offering at Alex has been working in the China Development Lab in Beijing since 2009. Prior to 2009 Alex was product architect for IBM Tivoli Identity Manager, based in Costa Mesa, California.


If you would like to receive the official calendar invitation for the user group meetings, send an email to

**International Toll Free Numbers are subject to change. Before each conference, refer to the numbers above for the most current information. Always use International Dial-In number as a backup.

Helpful Keypad Commands:

*0    Operator assistance – conference

00    Operator assistance-individual

*6/#6 Mute/unmute your own line

*#     Participant count

**     List available keypad commands

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