Lessons learned: IBM SmartCloud Monitoring

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As part of an effort to better understand my utilization and health of my private cloud environment I am using IBM SmartCloud Monitoring.  In the processes of getting the data I need to determine whether I need additional resources in my private cloud environment, I learned several things about implementing IBM SmartCloud Monitoring.  In the following list, I include those lessons along with ways to use the solution:

  • Use the dashboard features of IBM SmartCloud Monitoring to get a quick view of the health of your VMware-based clusters.  As with most private cloud environments, I am using a lot of memory, but my CPU cycles are actually close to idle.

  • Use the Tivoli Enterprise Portal for a holistic view of both your Intel and POWER resources.  Here, since my memory of my first ESX Server is actually around 70 percent, I decide to power off my second ESX server to save power.  This is shown in the dashboard as unavailable, but not as an alert because this was done based on me better understanding my utilization of my environment.

  • Use the IBM SmartCloud Monitoring Tivoli Enterprise Dashboard as a single console view into Operations of your systems.  In the next figure you see I am using it to do the day-to-day operations of my VIO server and to manage the health of it.

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