Experience world-class IaaS and PaaS on IBM SmartCloud Enterprise for free

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Great news!

First, IBM announced its Fall promotion, which provides new clients free access to IBM’s Infrastructure as a Service offering, SmartCloud Enterprise (SCE). You will be able to create an IaaS and select PaaS capabilities including storage free of charge.

In parallel, for all existing SCE accounts, IBM is enabling a pre-release of the Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering, SmartCloud Application Services (SCAS). SCAS provides a platform to create and deploy application patterns on SCE.

If you want more background on SCE, there are already a large number of articles talking about SmartCloud Enterprise on this website and on developerWorks, and you can find numerous bloggers discussing both Infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service.

SmartCloud Enterprise Fall Promotion

From September 12 to November 11, you can deploy servers free of charge on the SmartCloud Enterprise platform. You will be able to select either 64-bit Copper or Silver, or 32-bit Silver machines. These virtual machines vary across a number of parameters as per the table below.

Class 32-bit Silver 64-bit Copper 64-bit Silver
Virtual CPU (1.25GHz) 2 2 4
Virutal Memory (GB) 4 4 8
Disk (GB) 350 60 1024

These machines represent a subset of the virtual machines that will be enabled in your account following the free promotion.

You will not only be able to provision base-line OS (Linux/Windows) on these machines, but also a number of pre-configured images from IBM software group. Exciting products including IBM InfoSphere® BigInsights for Hadoop big data work, DB2 Express-C for database capabilities, but many other products from WebSphere, Rational, SPSS, Informix, Lotus, BPM, etc.

In addition you’ll have access to persistent storage. Persistent storage is an exciting and key element within IaaS. You can attach persistent storage to an instance, save data on this storage, then delete the instance and the storage will be kept. You can reattach this storage later on to a new instance and now you can dynamically attach/detach storage to an existing instance (not just at the provisioning time).

The Fall promotion will also offer you the chance to try out IBM’s Collaborative Lifecycle Management Service (CLMS). This is a service within SmartCloud Application Service that is available free of charge during the promotion. You will experince how easy it is to use this pre-release of CLMS for application development. CLMS offers you top tier technology like, Rational Team Concert, Rational Requirements Manager and Rational Quality Manager, all bundled and ready to use with just a few clicks.

Next if you need or want to experience object storage this promotion is the opportunity to jump on it. With IBM SmartCloud Enterprise is object storage you have enterprise class storage for unstructured data like presentations, spreadsheets, video and emails. As a promo customer you are entitled to store up to 100 GB of unstructured data on SmartCloud Enterprise – object storage. You can get even more following the free promotion.

The promotion is open to all new clients but – don’t forget to register before October 26 at (note this will vary by country) or by calling your IBM Sale representative, or IBM Business Partner.

This video gives you a preview of IBM SmartCloud Enterprise:

A list of videos are available at:

Further information on IBM SmartCloud Enterprise is available at:

With this promotion, you have an opportunity to explore a key element of IBM SmartCloud – IBM’s vision for cloud computing. It is a vision that is exciting and expansive. It is based on the understanding built over years of experience, that the shift to cloud is really a journey that will play out over time. It’s a journey where you and your organization will need a broad spectrum of technology to cover private, public, and hybrid cloud deployments, cloud managed services, turn-key business solutions delivered from the cloud, along with expert services in workload assessment, migration, and management from IBM, and finally a broad spectrum of partners with solutions and expertise. That’s what IBM SmartCloud offers and with this promotion – you can start on your cloud journey today!

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