IBM PureSystems: A cloud computing genie

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I have been a fan of the middle-eastern folklore The Book of One Thousand and One Nights (Arabian Nights) since my childhood. When I was a child, I was enthralled to hear the stories of the book from my grandmother. I was amazed by one particular story – Aladdin and his magic lamp. Whenever Aladdin rubbed his magic ring on the magic lamp, a genie appeared and gave Aladdin the opportunity to ask for three wishes. The genie granted the wish with the snap of his fingers. I was mesmerized and believed that genie existed. I asked my mother if I could get a magic lamp as a birthday gift. My plan was to get toys through the genie without asking my mom. Wasn’t I very smart?

Now I know why she laughed when I demanded a magic lamp as a five-year old boy. Alas, the genie and the magic lamp do not exist in reality! There is no shortcut for achieving anything good in life.

Business and IT are becoming very complex and challenging every day. Organizations need to be agile and adapt to challenging business needs and market demands to survive in today’s competitive world. In an article entitled “What every CEO needs to know about the cloud” published by Harvard Business Review Press in November 2011, Andrew McAfee provided a good insight on business and IT challenges for today’s organizations. By citing an IBM CEO survey from 2010, which included 1500 CEOs around the world, he stated that:

“Close to 80% of them believed their environment would grow much more complex in the coming years, but fewer than half thought their companies were well equipped to deal with this shift. The survey team called it ‘the largest leadership challenge identified in eight years of research’.”

Traditional IT delivery models will make it even more difficult for the companies to be agile and respond to always changing needs. It will probably be a hindrance to innovation although IT is expected to be an enabler of innovation. If a genie available to solve IT problems existed, any CIO would dream for one. It could turn a CIO’s IT nightmare into a moment of joy and glory. Well, there may not be a genie which can grant your IT wish with the snap of fingers. But there are smarter ways of delivering IT. Cloud computing can come to the rescue. IBM’s PureSystems cloud offering can simplify IT conundrums with its advanced features (discussed shortly). PureSystems leverages expertise and best practices from IBM and IBM Business Partners to deliver a cloud computing environment (infrastructure as a service and platform as a service) in less than four hours (See video below).

Compared to delivery time in traditional IT or even other cloud products which are not integrated, four hours is a big improvement. Wouldn’t you, as a CIO, be happy with this result? Wouldn’t you call it an IT genie? Before discussing features of IBM PureSystems, we need to discuss some existing problems that CIOs and IT professionals are facing around the world.

Why can’t traditional IT systems perform within time and budget expectations in this competitive market? The reasons are many.  I would like to start with the massive amount of time wasted in seeking business approval, procurement and hardware arrival. My good friend Marcel Laurenz highlighted this fact by presenting a real life example in his recent blog post “Tired of waiting for my servers”. As you can see, IT managers often feel helpless when they have no control in securing and building the IT infrastructure to deliver IT services to internal or external customers. Most of the time which could have been otherwise utilized in productive works is wasted just waiting for IT infrastructure to arrive. IBM PureSystems has a wealth of information illustrating existing IT situations and problems. The following infographics are generated from this website and put in one place in this blog for the readers to get an understanding of the need of an expert integrated system.


IBM PureSystems is a ready-to-run cloud in a box. It has got all system components (software, hardware, middleware, networking equipments, management, and built-in security) integrated and stacked up. You do not need to procure different components separately and integrate these together. This best-of -breed cloud offering solves the complex problems of IT delivery with ease which results in a better user experience. As mentioned earlier it is possible to run a private cloud in as little as four hours with IBM PureSystems. PureSystems offers high availability and failover by means of redundant components (power supplies, compute nodes, management nodes, storages, networking devices etc). Three value propositions from PureSystems are:

  • Built-in expertise – leverages the expertise drawn form IBM and best practices from IT industries
  • Integration by design –  integrates and tunes hardware and software resources in a ready-to-go, workload-optimized system
  • Simplified experience – makes every part of the IT lifecycle easier with integrated management of the entire system and a broad open
    ecosystem of optimized solutions

IBM PureSystems comes in two flavors –

  • IBM PureFlex System – offers infrastructure as a service
  • IBM PureApplication System –  offers platform as a service

Enjoy the following Youtube video where the chief architect of PureApplication System introduces features of the product and provides a guided tour of how to configure PureSystems:

In this blog I have tried to explain existing problems of conventional IT delivery models and business challenges and how the IBM PureSystems family can help simplify those problems by means of graphics (reproduced from PureSystems website) and videos. I hope this will help you get started in your cloud journey and give you a clear picture of how the PureSystems family can come to the rescue. It may not instantly grant your wish as a genie can do, but I hope IT managers will love the speed of innovation that can be achieved from this product.

There are plenty of useful resources on the PureSystems family on Expert Integrated Systems blog. Choose a topic that you like. I found the following articles particularly useful to get an overview of the PureSystems family.

While you are thinking about choosing the best cloud products for your organization, why don’t you try IBM PureSystems powered by IBM SmartCloud application services at no charge for 90 days? Hopefully you can find what you are looking for.

(Offer is valid at the time of composing this blog. Please keep an eye on the website.)

Senior Managing Consultant at GBS Cloud Centre of Competence

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