July #cloudchat: How can cloud drive sustainability?

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UPDATED: Two panelists added for Thursday’s chat. Check out additional bios and Twitter handles below.

It’s a well known fact that cloud computing drives efficient IT operations and business innovation. But the benefits don’t stop there, as efficient operations lead to more sustainable practices throughout the organization. This month’s #cloudchat, taking place Thursday, July 12, from 4-5 p.m. ET, will explore the varied sustainability implications of cloud, ranging from characteristics like shared resources delivered on-demand to capabilities like smarter power grids and water management.

Our experts will give insights on what organizations are already doing, and tips on how you can use cloud to promote sustainability in your business:

*Just Added* Stephen O’Donnell, CEO, S1NED Follow @stephenodonnell
Steve O’Donnell is CEO at S1NED where he is an analyst and consultant advising technology businesses on how best to go to market.  He was a member of the Advisory Board for Salt Lake City Utah based Fusion-io (a maker of Solid State PCI based storage systems), he currently chairs both the advisory board for Mountain View California based Violin Memory (a maker of solid state storage controllers) and the advisory board for San Francisco based Rackwise a software vendor in the Data Centre Infrastructure Management area.  He is founder at Chalet Tech a Taipei based Database Security business and Chairman at Preventia a UK based Security systems reseller. He has over 30 years global Data Center experience working at up to and including CEO level in large multinational organisations and is globally recognised as a specialist in Storage, Data Centers and Sustainability.

*Just Added* Usman Sindhu, Senior Research Analyst, IDC Energy Insights Follow @usmansindhu
Usman Sindhu is a Senior Research analyst with IDC Energy Insights, supporting the Utility IT Strategies research and advisory services. He covers utility’s core infrastructure including cloud computing initiatives as well as cybersecurity, risk and compliance.

Dave Bartlett, IBM Vice President, Smarter Physical Infrastructure

David Bartlett leads IBM’s Smarter Buildings initiative, helping clients create more green, cost-efficient cities, campuses, and corporate offices worldwide. As IBM’s “Building Whisperer,” he is a vocal advocate in the news and at industry events for using data analysis to improve how buildings function and tame wasteful energy practices. In his nearly three decades at IBM, he has led teams in autonomic computing, software development and international divisions. His academic work melds ecology, biology, computer science and policy studies–integral to the interdisciplinary Smarter Buildings area.

Bowman Hall, Director, Cloud Computing Client Engagements, IBM Software Group

Bowman Hall joined IBM in 1996 after IBM’s acquisition of Tivoli Systems, Inc. Bowman has had multiple technical and management roles within IBM in technical support, education, consulting services and technical sales, based in the US, UK and Spain. Since 2009, Bowman has been responsible for Cloud Computing Client Engagements with the IBM Software Group, where he leads early adopter customer projects and cloud software implementations. Prior to joining IBM, Bowman was responsible for managing distributed systems at Carnival Cruise Lines.

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As always, here’s the full rundown of how the #cloudchat works:

  • What: A tweetchat is an online conversation held at a pre-arranged time following a specific hashtag, in this case #cloudchat. You will need a Twitter ID to take part.
  • When: Thursday, July 12, at 4 p.m. ET, repeating the 2nd Thursday of every month at 4 p.m. ET.
  • Where: The chat can be followed on Twitter using the hashtag #cloudchat. Alternatively, log on and access the chat on twebevent. A recap will be posted on this blog the following Friday.
  • Why: To facilitate additional industry dialogue and provide a forum for questions, idea sharing, and problem solving. We want your input on what you’d like to discuss during future chats, so please leave a comment on this post or tweet @ibmcloud with topic ideas.
  • Who: Anyone and everyone is welcome to join!
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