IBM and Citrix – SmartCloud Desktop Infrastructure

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Citrix and IBM have been partners since the founding of Citrix by executives from the IBM PC Company in Boca Raton, FL in 1989.  We continue to work together closely today to help our mutual customers to work and play from anywhere and to that end we are proud to support IBM Systems and Technology Group with their launch today of IBM Smart Cloud Desktop Infrastructure.  As a former IBM employee and someone who has worked on the Citrix – IBM partnership for nine years it is very exciting to see us working more closely than ever to help our mutual customers.

Our partnership has grown significantly in the last few years as industry trends like bring your own device programs, the consumerization of IT and the desire to support mobility while ensuring security, have exploded.  Together, IBM Global Services and Citrix have completed  15 XenDesktop rollouts in the last year that were over 1,000 seats. Several exceeded 20,000 seats with  customers  spread across the world.  As desktop virtualization adoption expands across the enterprise, we are working together with customers to deliver virtual desktops to the entire user base of  many of these organizations.  IBM helps Citrix customers before and after their desktop virtualization rollout through their service offerings featuring Citrix technology.

IBM is leveraging the market-leading desktop virtualization solution that delivers anywhere, anytime access to corporate desktops, applications and data. Enterprises around the world are transforming their desktop environments from device-centric management to user-centric private clouds where desktops and applications are delivered as a service, on-demand. XenDesktop 5.6 accelerates desktop transformation by delivering high-performance personal desktops and apps with all the flexibility, performance and user experience of a PC, but optimized for network, server and storage resources.

IBM has critical analytic tools for planning as well as management and monitoring tools to ensure virtual desktop deployment success:

Planning – IBM’s Smart Migration and Application Delivery service uses fact based analytical tools including Citrix AppDNA software to understand application and desktop performance data, provide deep discovery of the current environment and study Windows 7 compatibility for their applications.  This helps our customers plan for a great experience with XenDesktop;

Delivery – IBM’s Smart Business Desktop Cloud services helps customers to deliver Citrix XenDesktop®, Citrix XenServer®, Citrix XenApp® and Citrix Netscaler® including assessment, design, and deployment and is available as an on premise offering as well as a complete hosted/managed service at IBM. It helps customers to create a smarter workplace with a deep and comprehensive understanding of both end user needs and the application environment that drives the creation of a delivery infrastructure that is agile, efficient and cost-effective;

Day 2 Management and Monitoring – IBM Global Services can provide Citrix solutions as a hosted/managed offering and Tivoli helps Citrix customers with Tivoli Monitoring for Virtual Environments for XenDesktop, XenApp and XenServer.

Together we have helped many customers to deliver a great experience to their users with XenDesktop. A few highlights:

Agility in Banking: IBM and Citrix have delivered a solution across 100 percent of a European bank’s users. The bank wanted a more agile environment where users could choose, on any given day, to work at headquarters, at a branch or at home – and have the same great experience regardless of location or device. See this link for more information about Citrix and IBM in the financial sector:;

Secure IP in Industrial Sector: IBM and Citrix helped a semiconductor manufacturer in Asia  ensure that their intellectual property would never leave their datacenter by centralizing and virtualizing their desktops;

Healthcare: In Dubai, IBM used their Smart Business Desktop Cloud offering and Citrix XenDesktop to enable medical personnel to access patient records on any device from any location . We also have healthcare successes in Japan.  IBM Strategic Outsourcing manages one of the largest virtual desktop environments in the world where Citrix technology is used to secure patient record information and get critical information into the hands of doctors wherever they are. IBM has a great demo of this type of solution at their research office in Hawthorne, NY which you can view here:

3D application delivery:  IGS’ Smart Business Desktop Cloud, System X 3650 M3 servers and Citrix XenDesktop have enabled one of the world’s largest auto firms to centralize their CAD application. 6,000 engineers will be able to work from anywhere on any device while all of their design work will be securely in the auto manufacturer’s datacenter. This is possible because of ourfocus on delivering a great end-user experience with Citrix HDX 3D technology in XenDesktop.  XenDesktop features HDX 3D (hosted shared) and HDX 3D Pro (VDI) enable you to virtualize and centrally deliver 3D graphics intensive applications and high-performing desktops using a graphics processing unit (GPU) for hardware acceleration to boost rendering performance. With HDX 3D & 3D Pro you can easily virtualize native OpenGL and DirectX-based applications with like-native OS performance on a LAN or WAN.More information on the partnership between Citrix and IBM including collateral and scalability guides can be found at and on IBM’s website at

IBM servers that are certified with XenServer can be found at and at

Also check out Andreas Groth’s blog here and Krishna Subramanian’s blog here.

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