Analytic cloud solutions using BigInsights

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To derive a 360-degree view of customer behavior across all channels, and identify opportunities for more targeted marketing activities, it is important to have a solution that can analyze large amounts of structured and unstructured data.  For example, by processing unstructured data such as social media, companies can gain insight into what their customers like or dislike about their products, and then target particular marketing campaigns with more success.

IBM InfoSphere BigInsights is a solution that targets a business user, and which offers a spreadsheet interface for working with the data, creating jobs, and includes a query language called Jaql. This SQL-like language was designed to provide an easy way to query structured and unstructured data. The product also provides a variety of data-visualization options designed to make it easy to understand the results of any given job.

In the Southern California Technology Explorations Center, I expect to derive value from this analytics cloud solution by analyzing unstructured data from social media to help determine what products our customers use the most, and target events based on the trends of what our customers are talking about on social media.  In addition, we expect that this will help us determine what products to invest in enhancing.  Stay tuned for an update of the results we find as we implement the solution.

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