An effective integration between IBM SmartCloud Provisioning and Tivoli Endpoint Manager

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I really liked the post “Rapid deployments with IBM SmartCloud Provisioning” that explains how simple and fast it is to deploy instances using SmartCloud Provisioning. But after the instances are deployed the next questions are:

  • How can I “easily” manage them from a patch management point of view?
  • How can I “ensure” that they satisfy my corporate and security standards?

The solution is to integrate IBM SmartCloud Provisioning with Tivoli Endpoint Manager (TEM) so that all the running instances will be connected to the TEM Server and managed according the configured security and corporate standards.

It can be achieved by exploiting the current integration between IBM SmartCloud Provisioning and the Image Construction and Composition Tool (ICCT), available in IBM SmartCloud Provisioning version 1.2, and performing the following steps:

  1. Using ICCT create a new bundle, the TEM Agent bundle, that contains:
    • TEM Agent installation package
    • TEM masthead file.
      This file is the digitally signed file that contains the information of where the TEM server is located.
    • A script that installs the TEM Agent and copies the TEM masthead file in the proper directory (for example, for Linux it is /etc/opt/BESClient )
  2. Extend an OS base image available in IBM SmartCloud Provisioning, adding the TEM Agent bundle.

In this way, a new image will be available in IBM SmartCloud Provisioning with the TEM agent installed and configured to connect to the TEM Server.

After doing that, when the extended image is launched, the TEM agent will automatically start and connect to the TEM Server without requiring any user action. Then, from the TEM console you will be able to see and manage it performing actions or downloading fixlets.

This is only the basic integration; more advanced scenarios can be implemented, such as, for example, exploiting the OVF parameters (as described in the topic “Customizing virtual images with IBM SmartCloud Provisioning”) for configuring and grouping the TEM Agents. They will be described in my next blog posts!

For further information about IBM SmartCloud Provisioning and Image Construction and Composition Tool see IBM SmartCloud Provisioning Information Center.

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