Partnering with IBM in cloud computing

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Cloud computing is rapidly growing with solutions at the infrastructure, platform, and application services. IBM Cloud Computing Specialty enables the business partner ecosystem to participate in this multi-billion dollar emerging global market.

IBM Cloud Computing Specialty accelerates business partner cloud solutions by targeted enablement including training, assessment, and business development workshops. Additionally, the program also provides joint marketing and business development funds to qualified partners.

Realizing the vast spectrum of cloud computing solutions and services, IBM Cloud Computing Specialty offers a choice of five solution areas:

  • Cloud application providers
    This solution area is for IBM Business Partners who have an application they want to deliver as a software as a service (SaaS) using one or more IBM cloud offerings. Examples are a customer relationship management (CRM) application running on a cloud computing platform, a human resources (HR) application hosted in a data center, or a financial application that an application provider self-hosts and delivers as a service.
  • Cloud builders
    Business Partners who engage in consultative and solution selling of multiple IBM offerings and want to more fully participate in cloud opportunities will find the cloud builder solution area attractive. They will be able to capitalize on their investment in skills and resources such as the following areas:-Ability to resell a broad portfolio of IBM hardware, software, and service offerings
    -A consultative sales approach including the use of assessments
    -Demonstrable infrastructure solution sales and technical skills
    -Deep infrastructure and cloud solution skills
    -A substantial commitment to IBM
  • Cloud infrastructure providers
    IBM Business Partners in this solution area operate a publicly available cloud and have the infrastructure and skills to support a data center, and the industry reach to attract the right companies and customers to their cloud computing platform.
  • Cloud services solution providers
    IBM Business Partners in this solution area have an established practice, leveraging one or more IBM cloud offerings and providing end-to-end cloud solutions to their clients.
  • Cloud technology providers
    IBM Business Partners in this solution area supply the tools and services that help other companies use the cloud more effectively. Examples of solutions in this area include cloud-based application enablement and security vulnerability scanning.

IBM Business Partners can participate in one or more business areas as they see the need and they meet the IBM Cloud Computing Specialty criteria. For more details about the program, including the business and skills criteria for each solution area, visit the IBMCloud Computing Specialty website.

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