December 19, 2017

New Cloud Functions UI Enhancements

The IBM Cloud Function UI is updated to include new functionality which allows for easier Action, Sequence, and Trigger management. The following areas of the UI are updated to provide a more flexible environment to work with your IBM Cloud Functions entities.

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October 25, 2017

More control for Bluemix Compose databases

At IBM Compose, we know how important having control of your databases is. In August, when we introduced the new Bluemix Compose console and in September, we added Vertical scaling controls to your database consoles. Now, our latest update is taking the friction out of administrating your databases. It adds restorable backups, updatable passwords, IP whitelisting and in-place upgrades to your Bluemix Compose console. And it's all wrapped up in a newly re-organized interface.

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August 15, 2017

Meet your new Bluemix Compose console

We're happy to announce a new management console for IBM Compose on Bluemix. The new user console makes it simple for users to manage their Compose-managed open source databases from a simple web UI. This is the first iteration of what will be many, frequent updates to a new web UI. With that, let's take a look at Compose and the new console.

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June 26, 2017

IoT Platform Widget Library – Rapidly Build Application User Interface with Real-Time Data

The IoT Widget Library allows developers to rapidly build an user interface for their IoT application, processing real time data from the physical and simulated devices. This library, written in HTML 5, can be embedded in major UI frameworks, including Angular JS, React/Redux, Polymer, and HTML 5.

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August 17, 2016

New look and feel for Bluemix landing page

When you go out to the Bluemix user interface, you'll notice that we've done a new design for the landing page. 

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July 8, 2016

Introducing the Bluemix Mobile dashboard

Today, we are launching the Mobile category dashboard on Bluemix, and it just got easier than ever to build your next mobile app. We've created the Mobile dashboard, where you can create and manage your mobile projects in Bluemix, and access everything that you need for your application, all in one place.

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April 13, 2016

Try the new Bluemix user experience (video)

We continually listen to our users and have received great feedback around the user experience. We’ve taken a big step forward with our new user interface for Bluemix, which helps streamline workflows more effectively.

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April 8, 2016

Another Step Towards an Integrated IBM Cloud Experience

Our customers want to bring the capabilities of both Bluemix and SoftLayer together, because the resulting solutions can become far more compelling than just using one or the other. The problem? Bluemix and SoftLayer look and behave differently. That's starting to change... and we’re so excited!

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May 4, 2015

Bluemix Updates: Cinco de Mayo!

It's been a couple months since my last Bluemix Updates blog. But, the team has kept working, and on the eve of Cinco de Mayo I thought it was time to share some great new features and functions that have recently gone live. These include a new and improved pricing page and Labs section in the Bluemix Catalog, overhauled Bluemix docs, including the ability to leave inline feedback, improvements to SSL certificate support for custom domains, ability to communicate with live IBM representatives via text chat and video chat and lots more...

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