August 7, 2017

Connecting a Spring Cloud application to Cloudant Service with Feign and Hystrix

In this post, we'll create a simple Spring Cloud application that demonstrates the capabilities of Feign and Hystrix by connecting to a Cloudant service on Bluemix. Feign is a declarative web service client, which comes with Hystrix built in when you use it with Spring Cloud. Hystrix is a Netflix OSS library that implements the circuit breaker pattern.

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July 26, 2017

Spring Kafka application with Message Hub on Bluemix Kubernetes

In this post, I'll describe how to create two Spring Kafka applications that will communicate through a Message Hub service on Bluemix. One application will act as a Kafka message producer and the other will be a Kafka message consumer. We will deploy these applications to a Bluemix Kubernetes cluster.

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July 18, 2017

Deploying a Spring IBM Graph Application to Bluemix Kubernetes

In this blog post, I'll describe the process of connecting an IBM Graph service on Bluemix with a Spring application. Then we'll deploy that application to a Bluemix Kubernetes cluster, using Kubernetes secrets to securely pass configuration credentials.

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