Secure Gateway

October 12, 2015

IBM Secure Gateway 1.3.1 Updates

With the release of Version 1.3.1, IBM Secure Gateway for Bluemix announces a number of enhancements across a few different areas.  With this enhancement release building on top of 1.3.0, you'll see improvements in server resource distribution, client high availability, a Mac OS X native installer, and more.

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September 24, 2015

IBM Secure Gateway 1.3.0 Updates

With the release of Version 1.3.0, IBM Secure Gateway for Bluemix announces key changes in the area of added security, separation of duties and updates in support of IBM Dedicated environments.

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September 23, 2015

Secure Gateway adds support for DataPower Client

Are you an enterprise customer? Do you need an alternative way to run the Secure Gateway client container in your on-premises environment without installing Docker first? If your answer is “Yes,” then you will be pleased to know the IBM Secure Gateway service for Bluemix v1.2.2 added client support for IBM DataPower. With the inclusion of full client support in IBM DataPower v7.2, you can leverage the enterprise level security, communication and processing power that DataPower provides.

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June 23, 2015

IBM Secure Gateway 1.2.0 Updates

The IBM Secure Gateway for Bluemix brings Hybrid Integration capability to your Bluemix environment. It provides secure connectivity from Bluemix to your applications and data sources running on-premise or in other clouds. Version 1.2.0 has some new exciting changes that we hope you will enjoy. This release concentrates on the overall user experience and provides the following updates to the UI, DataPower client support, enhancements to the SDK, Docker client updates, etc.

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June 19, 2015

Deploy containers to on-premises and hybrid clouds with IBM and Docker

In this blog post, we show how a multi-tiered and multi-container application can be developed on-premises and deployed to on-premises Docker Swarm cluster and off-premises cloud environments such as IBM Containers in Bluemix, using IBM UrbanCode and Docker Hub Enterprise.

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May 27, 2015

Integrate your on-premises data with the cloud by leveraging Bluemix Hybrid Integration

In building cloud applications for their customers, many companies struggle to leverage highly important data that is often locked away in an on-premises datacenter. Thanks to the enterprise-class Hybrid Integration services on top of our next generation Bluemix platform, businesses can quickly build cloud applications at scale while leveraging their existing data in a completely secure manner. It’s not even necessary to move data from an on-premises system to the cloud! Hybrid Integration is all about letting you decide where the data should live, and providing all of the required tooling for accessing, discovering, shaping, and managing that information.

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April 30, 2015

Bluemix SmartBooks – Personalized book recommendations based on your Twitter feed

Bluemix SmartBooks presents a catalog of books for sale, can suggest interesting books to users based on a Twitter handle, and will store purchased books into an orders database. To suggest books based on Twitter handle, the application consumes an API from a business partner, which was published to Bluemix and shared with the Bluemix SmartBooks development team using the API Management service. You can create your own version of Bluemix SmartBooks. This blog post will cover all the steps, from the underlying architecture, creating your own instance of SmartBooks, and customizing it.

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April 7, 2015

Reaching Enterprise Backend with Bluemix Secure Gateway via SDK API

This document uses a simple hypothetical scenario in which an educational institution wants to develop a mobile or web application to access on-premises information contained in a MongoDB. The user develops an application that will be pushed into Bluemix and uses the Secure Gateway service to access the database. The application will connect to an on-premises instance of the Secure Gateway client that is running in a Docker image. When the client is connected, it will provide a secure connection from the user’s application to their backend database.

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April 1, 2015

Reaching enterprise backend with Bluemix Secure Gateway via console

Cloud based applications often need access to backend enterprise data or services, for example, a system of records. On Bluemix, it is simplified with the Secure Gateway service where a secured tunnel can be established between a Bluemix organization and the enterprise backend network, allowing applications on Bluemix access to the backend network’s data and services. For this blog, we will set up a hypothetical company, ACME, who wants to expose some data from their System of Records (SoR) into Bluemix to enable their cloud-based applications to access it. For simplicity, in this scenario, we will expose the entire instance of a MySQL server from ACME’s backend.

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