August 24, 2017

Db2 and Cloud Object Storage: Get Started

For a while, Db2 has built-in support to directly access Cloud Object Storage (COS) like Amazon S3 and IBM COS (Softlayer / IBM Bluemix IaaS). It allows to perform backups (and restores) as well as data load operations to and from the cloud. Phil Nelson wrote an excellent overview and introduction on the IDUG blog with his examples focused on S3. Thus, in the following I am going to mostly cover Db2 using the IBM Cloud Object Storage and fill in some additional details.

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June 5, 2017

New Regional Services for IBM Cloud Object Storage

IBM is pleased to announce the immediate availability of our new low cost and low latency Regional Service for IBM Cloud Object Storage, located in the US-South (Dallas) Regional area, open for all customers to use worldwide. With our new Regional resiliency service, customers now have the choice to store and access their data within a single region composed of multiple IBM Cloud data centers for business continuity and high availability with low cost and low latency.

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