load balancing

October 23, 2018

IBM Launches CIS Enterprise Plans to Improve the Performance of Enterprise Workloads

With our new Enterprise Plans, IBM Cloud Internet Services brings increased options for market-leading security AND performance to Internet applications running on IBM Cloud. The IBM Cloud Internet Services Enterprise Plans boost the performance of Enterprise workloads, including websites, web applications, API endpoints, and more.

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October 16, 2018

IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service: Deployment Patterns for Maximizing Throughput and Availability

With the upcoming release of Kubernetes version 1.12 on IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service, we are releasing the new IKS LoadBalancer 2.0 for public beta so that customers may test. This article discusses the capabilities of this LoadBalancer service and a few deployment patterns around it, providing examples along the way.

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June 5, 2018

Using IBM Cloud Internet Services for application high availability and performance

You have an Internet facing application, or website, or API running in IBM Cloud that must be highly available and resilient to not only a datacenter or zone wide failures, but also region wide failures. In addition, it must be deployed in a distributed fashion such that clients or users are routed to the closest origin for best performance. In this article we will walk you through a simple configuration with IBM Cloud Internet Service that addresses these concerns and looks like the following when done:

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