hybrid cloud

September 29, 2016

Interview: Designing the right user experience drives both cloud architecture and DevOps practices

It's now a platitude that you have to reach customers in your market in ways that let them engage with your business anytime and anywhere during their increasingly technology-enhanced daily lives.

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September 13, 2016

Drive Innovation – Deliver Apps Faster with IBM Bluemix Local System

Leaders in today’s digital economy drive innovation in three critical business areas: a compelling customer experience, new business models, and fast and flexible operational processes. At the center of innovation lies the question of how to deliver compelling, personalized applications with speed and flexibility. The solution is a hybrid cloud architecture that provides the flexibility in deployment, enabling organizations to choose the right platform to run their apps

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September 3, 2016

Why serverless and event-driven architectures are evolving in hybrid clouds

Containers fundamentally enable contemporary large-scale cloud computing platforms. Notable exceptions are large Hadoop or Spark clusters set-up on bare metal servers to quickly analyze and solve problems or support machine learning iterations related to very big data sets . In placing an earlier summary of Cloud Foundry Summit 2016 in a broader market context, this post explains how event-driven architectures are an important further evolution in container technology. .

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