December 23, 2015

Are Enterprise Hackathons the wave of the future?

Hackathons seem to be gaining traction in the enterprise. There was a lot of team activities, sharing, thinking outside the box and some very serious hacking. Is this the wave of the future? When leveraged properly, the peer pressure and the competitive attitude between the teams can lead to some apps getting created that would be impossible or very difficult to create during the normal routine. This post reports on the recent Rocket Software Hackathon and how it encourages developers to break their routine, come up with some big and wild ideas and do something disruptive.

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December 16, 2015

Bluemixathon Disaster Relief Challenge winners

People in need, desperately in need, have a way of bringing out the best in their neighbors. "Bluemixathon: Operation Rescue and Recovery" challenged developers everywhere to create innovative disaster relief solutions, quickly, using Bluemix. Afterall, disasters rarely give us much warning, so speed-to-release is very apropos. There were four solution categories and the winners were announced last Friday. The Grand Prize went to two students at the California Institute of Technology, Gavy Aggarwal and Abirami Kurinchi-Vendhan.

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December 2, 2015

Koding Global Virtual Hackathon 2016

IBM is thrilled about the opportunity to partner with Koding and sponsor this potential record-breaking hackathon. Koding, based in San Francisco with a community of 1.4 million developers, attracted over 60,000 in last year's event from over 900 cities. This year's grand prize is $100,000!

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November 17, 2015

TechWeek LA attracts top talent from Silicon Valley

The burgeoning IT community in Silicon Beach, commonly known as Southern California, set the perfect stage for TechWeek to be hosted in the middle of November at sunny Santa Monica, Los Angeles. Set right atop the pier, ‘angelinos did tech local style, with meditation, yoga, plenty of kale, meetups and happy hours.

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November 11, 2015

First Responder Application Challenge

Vencore and IBM, in coordination with APCO and USGIF, are conducting a First Responder Application Challenge to develop predictive analytic and mobile solutions that can significantly improve the operational capability of first responders. First responders will work directly with vendors and universities to build software applications that use a variety of real-time remote sensing data, field data, GIS tools and other content to create online applications for desktop and mobile devices.

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November 5, 2015

New IBMers compete at Mid-Hudson Valley Hackathon

IBM has been holding Bluemix hackathons externally with start ups, entrepreneurs, and clients for some time. With the sudden influx of new hires into the Poughkeepsie site and the advent of Bluemix to be deployed locally within IBM, the spirit of pulling an all-nighter to learn something cool met head to head with technology that could shift the way we work everyday. Enter: The Mid-Hudson Valley New Hire Network's first Bluemix Hackathon.

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November 3, 2015

Intel and IBM show potential of IoT to Seattle developers

When you visit Seattle in the month of October, the very first thing to catch your attention is the cool yet crisp, fresh air, as you step into the city. To name a few others are Pike Place Market, Space Needle, pumpkin spice flavor, brilliant fall colors, enthusiastic technologists and a Starbucks at every corner. This season’s special: A Venti sized serving of a glass of Internet of Things (IoT), blended with a half-and-half of Intel Edison and Bluemix, served hot and fresh, off the press. We evangelists from IBM and Intel gathered to promote the growth of the Internet of Things community with an event that showed how to record data from a temperature sensor using Intel Edison, transfer it to IBM Cloud, using Bluemix’s Internet of Things Foundation, store it in a dashDB database and create a line graph to analyze that temperature using R scripts.

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October 13, 2015

SD Hacks: New ideas transformed into reality over adrenaline-infused weekend

Straight from the Dodger’s stadium on Elysian Park Avenue, I head to the rival team’s (Padres) turf in San Diego. For 36 hours straight, a huge tent set up in the field at UCSD will be home to a thousand happy coders at SD Hacks. What did it take for this event to come to life? A zillion cans of sodas, makeshift beds, hoodies and t-shirts for swag, and of course, the 21 sponsors. Welcome to the world of hackathons!

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October 6, 2015

Winning an IoT Hackathon with IBM Bluemix and a Cowbell

So there I was, standing in front of the premiere IoT developers of LA (no pressure). I was pitching my idea at Intel’s IoT Roadshow Hackathon, which amounted to: “I want to make a unique bedside clock, and… it’s fine if it comes out like a Frankenstein”. What started as a simple concept, mutated to a multi-featured futuristic clock.

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