Globalization Pipeline

January 2, 2019

Chatbots Orchestration and Multilingual Challenges – Part 1

Chatbots Orchestration and Multilingual Challenges Nowadays, conversational bots are created to meet the needs for users. However, if users need to actively switch between languages and conversations, or maintain a large conversational bot, it is also a tedious and difficult task, and it often causes bad experience. We propose a multilingual chatbot architecture to expand […]

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December 24, 2018

Chatbots Orchestration and Multilingual Challenges – Part 2

Chatbots Orchestration and Multilingual Challenges This post is the part 2 of “Chatbots Orchestration and Multilingual Challenges” post. Please check Chatbots Orchestration, if you haven’t. Part 2. Multilingual Chatbots Challenges There are some challenges when creating multilingual chatbots. A common practice is to use a baseline language chatbot then translate it to other languages chatbots. […]

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October 30, 2017

Translate Watson Conversation Chatbots

Creating and maintaining chatbots in multiple languages can be costly, error-prone, and not easily scalable. Each change in a bot needs to be manually replicated across each language the bot supports. The manual nature of maintaining multilingual chatbots can have a real impact on continuous delivery as the language-specific changes must be performed by language experts and this takes time. Moreover, we need to pay for every single change – intents, entities, and bot output. This can get expensive very quickly — so, what's the best way to translate chatbots into different languages without impeding continuous delivery and disrupting DevOps?

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June 21, 2017

Integrating Globalization Pipeline into DevOps

IBM Globalization Pipeline for Bluemix is a Devops service. It enables application developers to globalize their content using cloud based machine translation, combined with professional translation review and editing. In this blog, we'll review how to integrate Globalization Pipeline into DevOps to rapidly translate application content without stepping outside Bluemix and having to manage tedious manual translation operations which disrupt Continuous Delivery.

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January 12, 2017

The latest with IBM Globalization Pipeline service on Bluemix

The start of the new year brings some exciting new developments to the IBM Globalization Pipeline service on Bluemix. Read on for our most current updates!

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