March 30, 2017

Form Processing With IBM Bluemix OpenWhisk

The OpenWhiskContact application is a simple Angular.js form processing app that shows how a form can be processed without the need of any backend, this is by using the IBM OpenWhisk Serverless architecture where an action is created then exposed as an API and then used in the Angular app.

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March 20, 2017

Cognitive DevOps Insights

Over the past year, I focused on providing better data for the DevOps process. Data-driven is the wave of the future, and the wealth of data that is in code repos, issue-tracking systems, and build systems can be used to improve the ability to deliver apps faster and with greater quality.

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March 16, 2017

Track where your code is deployed with toolchains

Have you ever wanted to track where your code is deployed? With toolchains in IBM® Bluemix® Continuous Delivery, you can now track code deployments through tags, labels, and comments in your Git repository (repo).

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February 16, 2017

Capture audience feedback with IBM Bluemix OpenWhisk

Emoting mimics the smiley terminals you may see at the airport. In this post, we'll showcase this serverless app built with IBM Bluemix OpenWhisk and Cloudant.

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September 29, 2016

With GitHub Enterprise on Bluemix Dedicated, there’s no worry

Much of what our squad works on is automation to provision and configure primary and replica GitHub Enterprise VMs, an on-site backup VM, and an off-site EVault backup, all hosted by SoftLayer.

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September 16, 2016

GitHub Universe 2016: Open source, open world

GitHub Universe started out with a bang as CEO & Co-founder, Chris Wanstrath, laid out GitHub’s goal: making building software easier. He touched on the fact that GitHub was not just a tool for people to use, but also a community. While on stage, Wanstrath revealed the latest exciting features and announcements to an audience of over 1,500 people.

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September 9, 2016

Visit the IBM Lounge at GitHub Universe

Back in June, IBMer and Distinguished Engineer, Dave Thomson announced the results of a strategic alliance between GitHub and IBM: the first and only fully managed, cloud-hosted version of GitHub Enterprise.

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August 9, 2016

Master continuous integration and delivery with the IBM Devops Toolchain

While our Bluemix Developer Advocate team continues working on the Logistics Wizard demo, we wanted to take a moment to share some key aspects of our development process. In this post, I'll take a step back from our implementation and talk about how we use GitHub, Travis CI, and our custom Devops Toolchain to streamline the whole development process for continuous integration and delivery.

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August 1, 2016

Webinar: Scaling DevOps for the Enterprise with GitHub

Join us to learn how enterprises are leveraging IBM Bluemix and GitHub Enterprise (GHE) to transform software delivery.

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