September 6, 2018

Geospatial Without Projections in IBM Cloud SQL Query

This is the first in a series of articles explaining the key highlights of the geospatial functions of IBM Cloud SQL Query. We will cover the Full Earth feature of the geospatial functions in this article—i.e., every topological and metric function operating on the Full Earth or the ellipsoidal Earth model.

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July 25, 2018

Querying Geospatial Data Using IBM SQL Query

Geospatial data plays a crucial role in data forecasting, spatial analytics, and reporting, especially in the fields of logistics and finance. With IBM Cloud SQL Query, you can now run SQL queries on geospatial data on files stored as CSV, Parquet, or JSON in IBM Cloud Object Storage (COS) using IBM's geospatial toolkit.

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December 11, 2017

From dreams to streams: turning the vision of streaming analytics into practical business reality with IBM Streams Designer

Today’s web is a much more open place than ever before—most social networks and other web platforms offer public APIs that allow anyone to request and use data on a scale that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago.

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March 6, 2017

Whip up a GUI for Geospatial Analytics with this Watson IoT Recipe

Have you ever wished that the Geospatial Analytics service provided a GUI allowing you to graphically define geofencing regions and control the service? Well now you can easily build your own GUI using an easy to follow Watson IoT recipe

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April 28, 2016

Now Available: Mapbox Visualizations Embedded in Cloudant Dashboard

With Mapbox visualizations, IBM Cloudant users can interactively build geospatial queries using complex polygons and geometric relationships.

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August 3, 2015

dashDB functions for spatial analysis are all about location

When you buy a house, what are the 3 top most things to look for? The answer is LOCATION, LOCATION, and LOCATION! When you open a business, you want to avoid traffic hotspots and accident hotspots. You want to explore nearby places and know navigation information about streets and intersections. You’ll also want to know information like where is the nearest airport. Who can answer all these questions? The dashDB functions for spatial analysis!

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December 17, 2014

Who & Where – Find out with Bluemix Geospatial Analytics

Geospatial Analytics service is a beta IBM Bluemix offering that allows you to monitor devices as they move around the globe and enter or exit geographic regions of interest. In addition to monitoring device movement, there are a series of REST APIs that allow you to control the service state as well as manage defined geographic regions known as geofences.

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