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April 27, 2016

Bringing developerWorks Premium to life

How developerWorks used IBM Cloud technologies to quickly roll out a robust new developer membership program.

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February 10, 2016

Secret Savings of 50% off InterConnect 2016

Did you know the new developerWorks Premium offer gives subscribers 50% savings off the standard IBM InterConnect rate, plus free admission to the concert or Hakkasan party, and tons of other IBM premium software services, perks and freebies?

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January 8, 2016

More developerWorks Premium perks: commit, pull, and fork in private GitHub repositories

If you are going to build the next big thing in software, you will likely be spending time pulling and forking in GitHub. We realize that it requires many resources to achieve greatness in engineering. We created a single solution to help you get there called developerWorks Premium, the new developer turnkey toolkit from IBM. A developer’s dream, developerWorks Premium is a complete package of developer benefits, including 5 private repositories for one month on GitHub.

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December 21, 2015

Self-directed learning is easy with developerWorks Premium

Who has time for attending an onsite class or getting travel approval these days? Besides, today’s IT professionals are expected to learn on the fly, on the job, of their own initiative. That’s where self-directed learning comes in. One of the many benefits of developerWorks Premium is access to a plethora of online books by premiere publisher, Safari Books Online.

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December 4, 2015

developerWorks Premium benefits explained: IBM Cloud Application Developer Certification

Last month, developerWorks announced its new subscription program, developerWorks Premium, and it’s packed with benefits for cloud developers like you! Today I’ll cover the IBM Cloud Application Developer Certification test you get as a developerWorks Premium member.

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November 18, 2015

Putting developerWorks Premium to good use

Last month IBM developerWorks announced a first-of-its-kind premium subscription model, developerWorks Premium. The developerWorks Premium subscription gives developers at any level greater access to tools and services for one affordable price. Think of it as an all-access pass to tutorials, conferences, libraries, events, certifications, cloud services, and more. You need to check it out!

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October 20, 2015

developerWorks Premium benefits explained: Cloud subscription and credits

What do novice and experienced developers really want? They want to build cool stuff – fast! And they don’t want to break the bank to do it. Our developers told us they wanted more, and we listened. We worked with IBM and partners to put together developerWorks Premium, an annual membership program for developers. developerWorks Premium provides you with skill-building resources, cloud benefits, event discounts and lots more for one low price of 399 USD. In this blog series, I’ll explore in detail the benefits of developerWorks Premium membership.

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