January 22, 2015

Checking in on InfoWorld’s review of IBM Bluemix

InfoWorld's Martin Heller continues his review of PaaS platforms with an assessment of IBM's Bluemix ecosystem, which went live last July, and brings together the company's portfolio of application development and deployment tools with a host of complementary services, all running on the robust SoftLayer global infrastructure. In all, despite pointing out some "wet paint" signs here and there, Heller's review (and the resulting score) are a fine half-year birthday present for the Bluemix ecosystem, and we're eager to compare it to the state of things in July, when the platform will be a year old.

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May 6, 2014

Running Websphere Liberty Profile in a Docker Container

I will be demonstrating how to set up a Websphere Liberty Profile (WLP) application server inside of a Docker container. The end result will be one command that runs a custom Docker image with WLP installed and a sample application deployed on it.

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