Raghavan Srinivas

March 30, 2016

Rapid Deploy of Java Applications on Bluemix

Although Cloud Foundry and Bluemix significantly ease deployment in general, you can do even more rapid prototyping of Java applications on Cloud Foundry/Bluemix without having to push each and every change. Thanks to JRebel that uses the JVM HotSwap technology to load classes without dynamic class loaders, there is no need to push the app to test every change, small or sizable. It’s great for rapid deployment. Ready to jump in?

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December 23, 2015

Are Enterprise Hackathons the wave of the future?

Hackathons seem to be gaining traction in the enterprise. There was a lot of team activities, sharing, thinking outside the box and some very serious hacking. Is this the wave of the future? When leveraged properly, the peer pressure and the competitive attitude between the teams can lead to some apps getting created that would be impossible or very difficult to create during the normal routine. This post reports on the recent Rocket Software Hackathon and how it encourages developers to break their routine, come up with some big and wild ideas and do something disruptive.

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December 11, 2015

My first Swift “Hello World” application on Cloud Foundry

Apple recently announced the open sourcing of the Swift programming language. Swift was released just last year and has shown incredible growth. It is expected to supplant Objective-C which took the mobile world by storm when it was introduced. Given the recent buzz around Swift, I was asked if there is a buildpack for it. Although I had never tried Swift and did not know the answer, I felt confident that there might be an existing buildpack already or there would be one soon.

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November 24, 2015

Scaling and Auto-Recovery with IBM Containers

IBM Containers, based on Docker, is a relatively new addition to Bluemix. However, some of the IBM Container features like scaling and auto-recovery has been borrowed from Cloud Foundry because of their ease-of-use. In this tutorial, we will look at scaling and auto-recovery of IBM Containers using the ic plugin for the Cloud Foundry CLI.

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