Sam Lightstone

March 9, 2017

Query many data sources as one: IBM Queryplex for data analytics

Queryplex runs advanced analytics (SQL, Python, R, PySpark, etc) across many devices and data sources as though they are a single consolidated data repository. The technology can be used to erase data silos of multiple databases (e.g. Oracle, DB2, PostgreSQL, Netezza), or compute analytics across tens of thousands of distributed Internet of Things devices where data may be stored in smaller repositories (text files, Excel spreadsheets, Informix, MySQL). Queryplex let's you query many data sources at once with a single statement, whether they are large repositories, small devices, or any combination of them.

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December 7, 2015

Nine ways hybrid cloud delivers real IT and business benefit

What is hybrid cloud and how to exploit it for real value? Learn about the practical benefits, such as improvement to agile development, performance, skills and component reuse, leveraging hybrid cloud for test and development, etc. More...

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