Joseph Marrero

June 26, 2017

Critical JRE updates included in recent Liberty for Java buildpacks, update as soon as possible

If you are still using the 3.7 version of the Liberty for Java buildpack, we recommend that you restage your application as soon as possible and ensure that your application have been restaged with the latest buildpack available which currently is v3.10.

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May 22, 2017

Default library change for Cloudant auto-wiring in the Liberty Buildpack.

Starting with the future release of the Liberty for Java Buildpack version 3.11 the default Library for Cloudant NoSQL Database used with auto-wiring will be the Official Cloudant Libraty for Java. The current Ektorp library will still be included in the Liberty for Java Buildpack, however, a configuration setting must be changed to use it.

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