Jarek Gawor

October 3, 2014

Using Liberty beta features on Bluemix

The Liberty beta provides early access to new functionality or programming models that might be included in a future Liberty release. Most of the Liberty beta features can now also be used in applications deployed to Bluemix. This blog post describes how an application using the WebSocket beta feature can be deployed to Bluemix:

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September 30, 2014

Improved Service Support in Updated Node.js & Liberty Buildpacks

We are regularly updating the Node.js and Liberty buildpacks to bring you latest fixes and enhancements to the Bluemix runtimes and to improve integration with Bluemix services. This includes a fully supported IBM Node.js runtime and an improved service framework. The Liberty buildpack now provides support for ElephantSQL and ClearDB MySQL Database third party services.

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August 28, 2014

Updated: Node.js & Liberty Buildpack

Here is what has changed in the Node.js Buildpack v1.3-20140821-1143 and Liberty Buildpack v1.3-20140818-1538.

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