Fredrik Rönnlund

March 9, 2015

Using JAX-RS 2 Client API in Liberty and Bluemix

I’m a big fan of JAX-RS 2.0 Client API, a part of Java EE 7 specification. They make writing stuff that depends on external REST services really easy on JVM. I just started a project to create clean well typed Java APIs for Watson services) available via Bluemix. It’s a perfect task for the JAX-RS 2 Client API.

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January 9, 2015

Configuring IBM DevOps services to your Java EE application

IBM DevOps services are free of charge for software development projects. We recently released a Vaadin Rich Web Starter application stub as a Bluemix boilerplate and created a video that demonstrates how we configure it for an Agile team using IBM DevOps Services @ The IBM DevOps provides all the pieces you'll need for integrated Agile planning, coding, building, and deploying. Or, as we like to say: We bring the tools. You bring the code.

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November 11, 2014

JavaEE mobile apps in the cloud with Bluemix and Vaadin

Whether your migrating your existing application to the web or are building your startup's new platform for the masses, your main goal is to maximize user experience and leverage developer productivity. These two factors will dictate your applications success. For JavaEE developers Bluemix and Vaadin are a perfect combo for achieving these goals. We’re thus happy to announce the release of a Vaadin Boilerplate for Bluemix. A Bluemix boilerplate is a runtime and an example application which in Vaadin’s case is a fullstack example app with a CRUD view, statistics view, map view and all persisted through EJB services via JPA to DB2 and running on WebSphere Liberty.

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