Daniel Berg

July 25, 2016

IBM Containers: Anti-Affinity

Containers have many benefits, like quick deployment and resource isolation, and containers are a core feature of IBM Bluemix. However, containers are, by design, ephemeral. That’s why IBM Containers also offers container groups, which allow you to quickly spin up two or more containers based off of the same image. A key part of being highly available is the anti-affinity option for container groups.

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November 9, 2015

Thoughts from OpenStack Summit Tokyo

I had the pleasure of attending the OpenStack Summit in Tokyo with over 5000 OpenStack enthusiasts. OpenStack Summits are an opportunity for the development community to come together to share information about the current state and advancements of various OpenStack projects. The design summit portion of the conference is especially collaborative, enabling members of the OpenStack community to discuss project issues and roadmaps.

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July 1, 2015

DockerCon 2015 – Closing Thoughts

DockerCon 2015 was June 22 - 23 in San Francisco with roughly 2000 attendees. Last year at this time people were interested in Docker and trying to figure out this new technology to see if it was more than just hype. This year I observed that attendees were still discovering features of Docker but now there were many more examples were developers were using Docker in production deployments. It is quite impressive to see how far Docker has come in just one year. DockerCon 2015 continued on the aggressive pace set in 2014 with key announcements and themes for the future.

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September 10, 2014

Synchronized, Multi-Platform Deployments with UrbanCode and Bluemix

There are teams that will not be able to use the feature rich experience with IBM DevOps Services. For example, teams may have security policies in place that do not allow development teams to host code or use development services that are hosted in a public cloud. In these cases, only on-premise tools are allowed. Fortunately we have an excellent set of deployment and release solutions as part of the IBM UrbanCode portfolio that can be used with Bluemix when organizational constraints or system complexity demands the value provided by the IBM UrbanCode solutions.

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