Chad Williams

January 15, 2018

Welcome aboard Bosch, and TradeIt!

During 4Q17, we added three new 3rd party services to our growing partner ecosystem on the IBM Cloud platform. From IoT to A.I. to wealth management, we're adding more services to give you, our developers, the services you need for build compelling digital solutions.

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December 19, 2017

Deprecating the Dreamface service from IBM Cloud platform

We are retiring the Dreamface service on IBM Cloud.

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November 17, 2017

Twilio Superclass: Hands-on training for developers

Going to be in New York on November 30th? Need an excuse to go to New York? Twilio is hosting a single day event in the Big Apple aimed right at developers who are interested in building customer engagement solutions.

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October 31, 2017

Retiring IQP IoT Code-Free App Development service

We are retiring the IQP IoT Code-Free App Development service on Bluemix.

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October 3, 2017

Octocat meets TJBot at GitHub Universe

October is Octocat month for GitHub. And, for the second year in a row, IBM has a lounge at the GitHub Universe event. If you are at the event, please come by our lounge, relax, recharge your equipment, and take in a demo or two.

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September 8, 2017

TJBot goes to London, Twilio SIGNAL style

If you haven't already heard, SIGNAL London, a one–day conference by Twilio, is bringing together leading thinkers

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May 11, 2017

Chat bots powered by Watson at Twilio Signal

Is it May? Then is must be Twilio time! For the third year, IBM is a top sponsor of the Twilio Signal conference. This year's event, to be held at Pier 27 in San Francisco, promises to be another banner event for IBM and Twilio. If you haven't been to a Signal event, there's still time to register. It is a great event for developers!

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December 7, 2016

Using SendGrid on Bluemix is as easy as sending an email

SendGrid is a cloud-based SMTP provider that allows you to send email without having to maintain email servers. SendGrid on Bluemix means that Bluemix developers have this email feature available at their fingertips.

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November 18, 2016

Use Search as a Service with Searchly on Bluemix

Created by Sebula, the Searchly API is a Search as a Service powered by Elasticsearch and available on Bluemix. It can scale to millions of documents. As a Bluemix developer, it's easy and painless to add the power of Elasticsearch to your app in minutes.

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