Alexander Cook

May 18, 2016

Apache Quarks on Raspberry Pi with Streaming Analytics

Apache Quarks has come a long way since February when the IBM Streams team open sourced it to start “a community for accelerating analytics at the edge.” Excitingly, Apache Quarks is now undergoing incubation at Apache. We have had a lot of fun playing with Apache Quarks on Raspberry Pis–hooking up sensors and connecting to the Streaming Analytics service through Watson IoT Platform–so we want to share what we have learned from using real sensors with Quarks and the Streaming Analytics service.

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January 22, 2016

Streaming Analytics + Message Hub: You’ll need more data

It’s never been easier to use IBM Streams and Kafka Messaging! Kafka-based Message Hub service is now available and fully integrates with the IBM Streams-based Streaming Analytics service. If your data can be streamed to Kafka, it is now trivial to process that data in real time with Streaming Analytics. Both IBM Streams and Apache Kafka are built for speed. Can your data keep up? More...

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