What’s Included in the IBM Cloud Developer Tools Version 2.2.0

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IBM Cloud Developer Tools CLI Version 2.2.0 features

I’m pleased to announce the latest version of IBM Cloud Developer Tools CLI.

The IBM Cloud app services have undergone a security upgrade. As a result, CLI versions prior to 2.2.0 will no longer be able to reliably manage applications with IBM Cloud. With this change, we are also bringing some exciting new features to the CLI as described below.

VSI toolchain deployment

IBM Cloud Virtual Servers give you more power to provision and scale your applications on demand in IBM Cloud. With this latest CLI release, you can configure toolchain deployment from the CLI to an IBM Cloud Virtual Server Instance (VSI) with the create and edit commands.

Starter Kit deployment options

Additionally, toolchain deployment options are now determined by the Starter Kit used to create the app. Not all Starter Kits are suited for deployment to all toolchain types, so the options for the app will now reflect these preferences in the CLI dialog. For example, if a Starter Kit is not configured for deployment to Kubernetes, then Kubernetes will not be a toolchain option.

User interface improvements

The user interaction of the CLI is improved to add more spacing and more helpful use of dividing lines to better differentiate sections of input. The interface is also improved to make full use of the width of the user terminal. For example, a very wide terminal will have little-to-no wrapping of items in a list, whereas a more narrow terminal (such as the one shown below) will have increased word wrapping for better readability.

IBM Cloud service options

In the create, edit, and enable commands, the services that can be added to your app are now presented in the same categories that you see in the IBM Cloud console.

Getting started with this release

Install the release: For a new install of IBM Cloud Developer Tools CLI, follow the instructions at this link. If you have previously installed, you can update your dev plugin with this command:

ibmcloud plugin update dev

Develop an app: Create or enable your first app by following this tutorial.

For assistance, please submit questions to the author of this article. You can reach the development team in the #developer-tools channel of this Slack. You can request access to this Slack channel here.

Lead Developer, IBM Cloud Developer Tools CLI

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