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Now Taking Reservations for Bare Metal on IBM Cloud

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Advanced planning your tech with IBM Cloud Reserved Bare Metal Servers

Picture this: Your special family members or friends come to visit your city for the weekend and you really want to treat them to the experience of eating at your favorite restaurant (which happens to be very popular). You definitely can’t take the chance of waiting two hours for a table once you’ve arrived. Being the excellent planner that you are, you decide to make a reservation ahead of time. With that reservation comes no wait time, a great table location, enough seating for your party, a stress-free dining experience, and so on.

Advanced planning rewards the planner, which is why we’re pleased to announce the release of IBM Cloud Reserved Bare Metal Servers—because we live in an era where advanced planning for your technology is just as rewarding.

What are IBM Cloud Reserved Bare Metal Servers?

IBM Cloud Reserved Bare Metal Servers are much like our example above. You can reserve up to 20 servers at a time, in a specific data center location, and claim that capacity any time you need it for advanced planning needs or crucial times. You can even gain top placement priority in specific IBM Cloud data centers around the globe. With reserved—unlike standard hourly or monthly IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers—you choose from a one-or-three-year contract, with each option billed with monthly payments. No upfront payment necessary. CPU, RAM, Drive, and RAID are included in your reservation for the duration of your contract. Additional network bandwidth, storage capacity, OS, and third-party software are charged on a monthly basis.

By reserving your bare metal server in advance, you’re saving two things—time and money. These are some of the benefits you will enjoy:

  • Contract-based discounts from 25% to 55% off standard pricing; higher savings than any other cloud provider with reserved bare metal server options
  • Locked in cost-efficiency without spending time on the phone or submitting bid proposals
  • Improved budgeting and forecasting with consistent monthly payments
  • Guaranteed availability of hardware when and where you need it for the term of your one- or three-year contract
  • Top placement priority in specific data centers
  • Bulk reservations for up to 20 servers at a time

Who should use IBM Cloud Reserved Bare Metal Servers?

IBM Cloud Reserved Bare Metal Servers are ideal for businesses with sustained workloads, especially those who seek to resolve cloud capacity and availability issues. They’re also valuable for new-to-cloud companies dealing with one- to three-year internal procurement cycles who could use instant savings without the large up-front payment.

Getting started

If you’re wondering what configurations we have available for IBM Cloud Reserve Bare Metal, and you’re ready to start saving while adding some new servers to your fleet, be sure to view our IBM Cloud Bare Metal provisioning page.

To view our “Getting Started” tutorials, FAQs, and “How-To” documentation visit our IBM Cloud Docs page.

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