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Introducing IBM Analytics Engine v1.2 and Announcing the Deprecation of IBM Analytics Engine v1.0

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IBM Analytics Engine v1.2 will be available May 15, 2019

We are excited to inform you about the new version of IBM Analytics Engine v1.2 that will be available starting May 15, 2019. Along with this release, Analytics Engine v1.0 will be sunset.

IBM Analytics Engine, built on separate integration points and compute and storage architecture, incorporates Hortonworks Data Platform and Apache Spark. Analytics Engine v1.2 is built on Hortonworks Data Platform v3.1 (HDP). With this new version, almost all the components of HDP have been upgraded. For detailed list of software components, please refer to Analytics Engine Cloud Docs

The new version will be delivered in the following three packages

  • AE 1.2 Hadoop
  • AE 1.2 Spark
  • AE 1.2 Hive LLAP

AE 1.0 packages will be sunset on May 15, 2019. To start using the new version of the service, you can simply delete your AE 1.0 cluster and provision a new cluster with AE1.1 or AE1.2 packages.

Here’s what you need to know

Service changes announce date: April 30, 2019

Go-live date for Analytics Engine 1.2: May 15, 2019

Deprecation date for Analytics Engine 1.0: May 15, 2019

Starting May 15, 2019, new clusters with AE 1.0 packages cannot be provisioned. New nodes can not be added to existing AE 1.0 clusters. However, existing v1.0 instances will continue to be supported until Sep 30, 2019.

End of Support Date for Analytics Engine 1.0: Sep 30, 2019

  • Any instance of AE 1.0 still provisioned as of the End of Support Date will be deleted.
  • Please delete your AE 1.0 service instances before the End of Support Date (i.e., Sep 30, 2019).

We strongly recommend you to move your applications to the new version of IBM Analytics Engine in order to get access to the latest versions of Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop ecosystem components.

Offering Manager - IBM Analytics Engine

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