IBM Cloud Garage: A Milestone of Agile Transformation

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Shaping future success: IBM Cloud Garage celebrates its fifth anniversary

If you could peek five years into the future, what decisions would you make today that would pay off then? Of course, you can’t know with certainty today where specific decisions will lead in the future. But you can know what kinds of things will increase the probability of success. As we celebrate the IBM Cloud Garage’s five-year anniversary, it’s a good time to look back to its beginning to see how Cloud Garage has helped our customers improve their odds for success today.

Where do we begin?

It starts with you and your idea of what will help your business.

Over the past five years, we’ve heard some really great ideas—ideas that could transform the way your company does business. But what makes the Cloud Garage special is our ability to partner with you and take action on those ideas. We have the teams, the technology, the method, and the agility to find out really quickly if your idea will work.

Guiding growth

As we start building on the idea, what if our measures of its success don’t trend the way we expect? In that case, we use our agile processes and teams to easily change course and bend the idea’s trajectory to a place where it can find success.

That success isn’t limited by the size of your company. Whether it was a new startup with great ideas on digital transformation, or an established global enterprise seeking to add more innovation in a competitive industry, we’ve helped both equally.

Fact: Everybody wants to move their best ideas forward quickly.

The Cloud Garage key is that after we implement the idea, we can scale your solution to the number of people that need it using cloud or hybrid cloud approaches.

Our technology accelerates that success, but we’re not constrained by a certain kind of technology. We cover the full range of innovation—application development, data science, DevOps, AI, Internet of Things, and blockchain—using open source and best-in-class capabilities. You’re not “locked in” on a technology choice. We make sure you can take the technology choices we make together and bring them forward in a way that aligns with your organization’s IT strategy. We align the technology to your idea, not the other way around.

Getting the Cloud Garage where you need it

As we’ve worked with you to increase your success, we’ve broadened our capabilities as well. We started with one Cloud Garage in San Francisco, and now we have 15 locations worldwide (and growing). Your success has provided a win-win situation for our success.

So if you’d started with IBM Cloud Garage when it began five years ago, you could have run around 30 MVPs back-to-back by now!

But we don’t think you need to do it that way. Instead, just bring a few of your best ideas, and we’ll work with you to bring them to life and transform the way you work. You may not know exactly where you’ll end up in five years, but you will know you can adjust to changes in the world better and increase your odds for success.

This blog is a part of a series celebrating the fifth anniversary of the IBM Cloud Garage. 

To learn more about the IBM Cloud Garage, find our story, resources, and method here. If you would like to see how the IBM Cloud Garage can help your business, schedule a cost-free, four-hour virtual visit with us. We’d love to help you turn that idea into a reality.

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