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Take the Cloud Foundry survey and win a prize

Are you a Cloud Foundry user? If so, here’s your opportunity to take a user survey and influence the future of Cloud Foundry.

IBM Cloud and the Cloud Foundry Foundation

IBM Cloud actively engages developers, architects, and engineers in the open source community through foundations and initiatives. As a Platinum Member of the Cloud Foundry Foundation, IBM regularly sponsors the annual Cloud Foundry Summit, evangelizing CF through technologists and contributing to the community.

Developers use Cloud Foundry because it is faster and easier to build, test, deploy, and scale applications. Furthermore, it provides a choice of multicloud, developer frameworks, and application services. IBM Cloud is a Cloud Foundry Certified Provider for its advanced PaaS capabilities.

IBM offers three deployment options: Cloud Foundry Public, Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment, and Cloud Foundry Private.

2018 published report

Read the most recent Cloud Foundry user report.

Your input to the 2019 survey will be similarly published this fall.

Product Marketing Leader - IBM Cloud

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