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Deprecating IBM Cloud Activity Tracker

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Deprecation of the IBM Cloud Activity Tracker service

We are announcing the deprecation of the IBM Cloud Activity Tracker service on May 2, 2019. Customers who are currently using the service are encouraged to provision an IBM Activity Tracker with LogDNA service instance.

Learn more about IBM Activity Tracker with LogDNA.

End of Marketing Date: May 9, 2019

As of May 9, 2019, new Activity Tracker instances cannot be provisioned. However, existing instances will continue to be supported.  Access to Lite plan instances of Activity Tracker will be removed.

End of Support Date: October 9, 2019

  • From the End of Marketing Date through October 9, 2019, all premium instances will continue to be available on the Services dashboard in the Cloud console.
  • Customers are encouraged to use the Activity Tracker CLI and API to download logs stored in the service’s Cloud Object Storage and store the archives data in the customer’s Cloud Object Storage.
  • Any instance still provisioned as of October 9, 2019, will be deleted.

Product Manager - IBM Cloud

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