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Modernize Your WebSphere Apps to the Cloud

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IBM Cloud Application Platform: Combine the best of WebSphere Liberty and IBM Cloud runtimes

Many IT shops in industry sectors such as healthcare, finance, and government have a large portfolio of WebSphere Family/Java EE applications that deliver critical functionality. To extend the value of these investments in Java EE apps, tech leaders are weighing the best way to marry today’s advanced cloud services with the capabilities of their existing monolithic architectures.

Refactoring these monoliths as microservices applications has emerged as the go-to solution, delivering benefits like:

  • Faster, more efficient application development
  • Simplified application service scaling and high availability
  • Easier adoption of modern devOps processes, thanks to inter-app dependency reduction

Recognizing that WebSphere practitioners are actively mixing existing Java EE app capabilities and IBM Cloud services like AI and data analytics, IBM has announced a new offering, IBM Cloud Application Platform. IBM Cloud Application Platform combines application modernization and cloud-native application development into a single, consolidated offering:

IBM Cloud Application Platform

Develop and run cloud-native applications, modernize applications with choice of deployment

IBM Cloud Application Platform enables clients to build cloud-native applications and modernize existing applications in a common, more efficient management model. Below are some of the benefits it provides:

  • Consolidated application modernization and cloud-native application development
  • All the tools necessary to modernize existing WebSphere environments to IBM’s next-generation platform, IBM Cloud Private
  • A simple and consistent usage metric, Virtual Processor Core, and flexible entitlement.

With IBM Cloud Application Platform, you can choose between a cloud-centric and Java EE-centric runtime platform that best fits your modernization strategy. Learn how to manage the uncertainty of migrating WebSphere apps to cloud in the webinar “Three New Ways to Get to Containers with WebSphere ND”:

You might not know what your mix of cloud private versus traditional platform deployments will be a year from now—or two years from now. Thanks to the flexibility of IBM Cloud Application Platform, you don’t have to know because you can modify your platform mix as your needs change over time.

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