IBM Cloud Broadens VMware Support with vSAN ReadyNode™ Certified Servers

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VMware vSAN ReadyNode™ certified servers are globally available

IBM Cloud is excited to announce the global availability of VMware vSAN ReadyNode™ certified servers. ReadyNode certified servers have been pre-configured and tested and provide the most flexible server options to build Hyper-Converged Infrastructure based on VMware vSAN. Each ReadyNode certified server is optimally configured for vSAN with the required amount of CPU, memory, network, I/O controllers, and storage (SSDs, HDDs or flash devices). IBM Cloud offers the perfect choice for VMware enterprises looking for a complete, pre-defined, trusted vSAN environment to run their critical VMware workloads.

Previously, customers spent added time configuring their own cloud servers. Now, with vSAN Ready Nodes, customers can implement entire pre-configured servers in just a few clicks. Virtual SAN Ready Nodes are ideal as hyper-converged building blocks for large data center environments with strong automation and a need to customize hardware and software configurations.

VMware vSAN ReadyNode servers are a turnkey solution for accelerating vSAN compliant workloads

  • Complete server configurations built with VMware HCL qualified components: Complete with the size, type, quantity of CPU, memory, network, I/O controller, and storage best suited to run a specific vSAN workload.
  • Easy to order and fast to deploy: vSAN ReadyNode servers are available from the IBM Cloud Bare Metal Server Catalog. Simply click to order in the IBM Cloud Bare Metal Server Catalog and then configure to suit your workload needs and be up and running in a matter of hours.
  • Customizable: With IBM Cloud, you can order your ReadyNode server as-is, or customize it to meet your specific enterprise needs.

More information on certified vSAN ReadyNodes can be found on the VMware Compatibility Guide.

Starting today, VMware vSAN ReadyNode servers are available on the IBM Cloud in the following configurations:

Get started today

Selecting a vSAN ReadyNode server is simple. Choose the vSAN version you want to deploy, pick a ReadyNode profile based on your workload, and then select a configuration based on your specific needs.

To order or learn more about VMware vSAN ReadyNode-qualified servers on the IBM Cloud, please visit our IBM Cloud Bare Metal Server Catalog page.


IBM GTM Offering Manager

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