IBM Blockchain Platform Free 2.0 Beta

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Business blockchain anywhere takes a step forward with the IBM Blockchain Platform free 2.0 beta

For nearly two years, IBM has led the managed blockchain for the enterprise market, enabling hundreds of companies across diverse industries to build solutions on the IBM Blockchain Platform. As use-cases progress and industry needs mature, one thing has become clear—the value of blockchain networks increases with the addition of diverse members. In today’s complex IT ecosystems in which organizations run their systems across multiple environments, blockchain networks must be able to onboard members irrespective of where they store their data, what countries they are in, and their infrastructure requirements.

Today, we are unveiling the first look at the next generation architecture of the cloud-based IBM Blockchain Platform with a free 2.0 beta. This is another milestone towards IBM’s vision of a fully-flexible blockchain platform that can truly run anywhere.

The IBM Blockchain Platform multicloud strategy

Back in November, IBM took the first major steps toward further accelerating the adoption of permissioned blockchain by launching its multicloud strategy with the release of two offerings. IBM Blockchain Platform for IBM Cloud Private allows an organization to connect their on-premise computing systems to cloud-based blockchain networks to meet data residency, compliance requirements, or corporate preferences. IBM Blockchain Platform for AWS makes it simple for organizations to deploy IBM Blockchain Platform components natively, through templates, on AWS.

New capabilities with IBM Blockchain Platform free 2.0 beta

The IBM Blockchain Platform free 2.0 beta we are announcing today delivers three unique new capabilities that are not available from anyone else in the market:

  1. Design your network with total control: Maintain complete control of your identities, ledger, and smart contracts through a totally redesigned console. Management of the individual blockchain components is done by you in your own set of Kubernetes clusters for greatest deployment flexibility.
  2. Govern distributed network with security and ease: In the new IBM Blockchain Platform, individual network components are even more powerful than before—you can deploy only the components you need and even connect a single peer to multiple networks, which accelerates your ability to benefit from multiple blockchain industry networks. The monitoring and governance tooling provides visibility across all your blockchain components. Later in 2019, we will provide the capability to connect to nodes running in any environment, including on-premise, public, and hybrid clouds.
  3. Grow your network faster and easier: The new design allows you to grow more quickly and easily, to start small and grow as you scale, paying only for the compute you need. Simplified DevOps allows you to move from development to test to production in a single environment, and a new VSCode extension creates seamless integration between smart contract development and network management.

Moving toward a truly decentralized/distributed blockchain solution

We created the next generation of the IBM Blockchain Platform based on the learnings and requirements gathered across 500 blockchain solutions and networks. We found that it has to be simple to onboard members with individualized infrastructure requirements. Participants also need to ensure that the incentives from their activity and role align to the cost of their participation. With the IBM Blockchain Platform “anywhere portfolio,” IBM is taking the steps necessary towards enabling a truly decentralized/distributed blockchain solution hardened for enterprises and fully capable of unleashing blockchain’s potential.

Try out the next generation of the IBM Blockchain Platform for free today.

IBM Blockchain Platform - Portfolio Project Manager

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