Introducing the MQ on Cloud Lite Plan and Frankfurt Region

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Introducing the new MQ on Cloud (MQoC) Lite plan

What’s more frustrating than getting to the point where you’re about to try out a new product, only to be asked to enter your credit card details to do so? At IBM MQ, it’s important to all of us that our users have the opportunity to get their hands on MQ as quickly and easily as possible so that they can begin to discover what IBM MQ can do for them.

To enable you to get hands-on with MQ on Cloud (MQoC) in a quicker and easier way, we are proud to introduce our new MQ on Cloud Lite plan. The MQoC Lite plan enables customers to try the service without having to add credit card details to their account and is perpetually free for usage up to 1,000 messages per calendar month so you can use it for as long as you need!

To get started right now, head over to the MQ on Cloud service and provision an instance of the MQoC Lite plan as shown here:

Once your MQoC Lite plan service instance is provisioned, you can deploy your free Lite queue manager by clicking the Create button as normal:


The current ability to create Trial queue managers as part of the Default plan or Custom Enterprise plan will be turned off in a few weeks time, but you can provision a Lite queue manager at any time by following the steps above. Existing Trial queue managers will remain active as normal until they reach the end of their 30-day expiry time.

Introducing our new Frankfurt deployment

As you know, we like to talk about MQ being everywhere your applications need it, and you may remember we announced our new deployment in IBM Cloud Sydney last September. Today, we’re very happy to announce the availability of a new deployment region in IBM Cloud Frankfurt, Germany.

We’re always looking out for our customers and their data. With Brexit around the corner, we understand that EU customers don’t want their data held outside of the EU when the UK leaves Europe. With the new deployment location in Frankfurt on our list of locations for MQ as a managed service on IBM Cloud, you don’t have to.

It’s important to us that our customers know that their data is safe and available when and where they want it at all times, and we look forward to seeing new customers join us in Frankfurt or globally via our new MQ on Cloud Lite plan soon.

Offering Manager - IBM MQoC

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