Cloud Security State of the Union at Think 2019

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The historic state of security

In the late 1960s, IBM Chairman Thomas J. Watson Jr. set up a cryptography research group in the Yorktown Heights, NY, laboratory, headed by cryptographer Horst Feistel. The group created an encryption method to protect the data for a cash-dispensing system that IBM had developed for Lloyds Bank.

Cloud Security: State of the Union at Think 2019

Since that time, IBM has continued to integrate security into all facets of its business—from the hardware layer through live container vulnerability scanning.

At Think 2019, February 12-15 in San Francisco, Dr. Nataraj (Raj) Nagaratnam, CTO & Distinguished Engineer of the IBM Cloud Security Team will walk attendees through IBM’s end-to-end cloud security landscape in Session #7433 entitled: Cloud Security: State of the Union.

During the session IBM customer, KONE, will highlight how they utilized IBM technologies to build authentication and authorization into their applications, and Shuttle Fund will discuss how they built a hybrid cloud-native application to secure digital assets utilizing IBM Hyper Protect Services.

Security is top of mind for cloud adopters, whether they are looking to shift security left through the adoption of DevSecOps or manage secure access to applications and data in the cloud. This session will help attendees understand how customers have securely and confidently adopted the IBM cloud services.

Session details

What should you expect to hear?

  • Encrypt data at rest in the cloud with customer-managed keys (Bring Your Own Keys).
  • Keep your own keys via the industry’s first FIPS 140-2 level 4 HSM, enabling extreme control and authority in the cloud for highly regulated industries.
  • Shield your run-time data in the cloud via secure enclaves with NO application code changes.
  • Gain actionable insights about your security posture via new AI infused cloud services.

In 1968, Thomas J. Watson stated, “I believe we in the industry must continue to improve existing technological safeguards which limit access to information stored in electronic systems; and we must devise new ones as the needs arise.”

IBM continues to subscribe to Watson’s statement, and this session outlines our present-day security capabilities. Join us at this Think 2019 session to learn more about how we can help you securely adopt the cloud.

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See you in San Fransisco! In the meantime, learn more about cloud security.

IBM Cloud Team

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