IBM Cloud Security Advisor Now Integrates to NeuVector’s Kubernetes Security Platform

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IBM Cloud Security Advisor

This blog was co-authored with Henrik Rosendahl, Head of Business Development at NeuVector Inc. Before I hand it over to Henrik, let me provide a quick introduction to IBM Cloud Security Advisor.

Security Advisor is a new security dashboard currently that enables centralized security management. Security Advisor analyzes vulnerability and network data and application and system findings from IBM Services, Partners, and user-defined sources. By centralizing your security and enabling drill down to resolution, Security Advisor empowers the security admin to manage security on IBM Cloud. To achieve that goal, we rely on key partners like NeuVector to provide cutting-edge container security customers trust.

IBM Cloud Security Advisor now integrates with the NeuVector Kubernetes Security Platform

Today, we are excited to further strengthen the relationship between IBM Cloud and NeuVector by announcing the integration of Security Advisor and the NeuVector container network security solution. We have integrated your IBM Cloud security tools into one dashboard and console to facilitate centralized security management for the security admin.

In the dashboard, Security Advisor summarizes critical security information from your IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service, powered by the NeuVector solution, across easy-to-navigate tiles in order to clearly notify you when a security issue is detected.

You can then drill down into more specific information to investigate prioritized issues and learn about the history and detail behind the alert. The service also helps you to keep your environment secure by providing remediation steps. Following these steps will remove the security threat while NeuVector continues to provide Kubernetes protection in production.

The go-to security console

Security Advisor enables analysis of centralized vulnerability data, network activity, and application and system findings. By adding findings from the NeuVector Kubernetes Security Platform, this service to quickly become the go-to security console. This will enable security admins to centralize, view, and manage security in your IBM Cloud environment.

NeuVector, a built-on-IBM-Cloud partner, is the leader in Kubernetes security and delivers notifications into Security Advisor from its next-generation container firewall. They also provide east-west container traffic visibility, container protection, and host security in a highly integrated, automated security solution. NeuVector has developed patent-pending behavioral learning for container security. Any deviation from normal behavior will be alerted and blocked.

For more information about implementing NeuVector in the IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service, please see this article.

Security Management Offering Manager

Henrik Rosendahl

Head of Business Development – NeuVector Inc.

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