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Manage All Your Cloud Resources on the Enhanced IBM Cloud Platform

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Resource management enhancements for the IBM Cloud platform

We’re happy to announce that IBM Cloud is launching a new era of enhancements within our platform as we begin to release the platform unification project. There are a lot of things that are unifying in this release, but the ones that are specific to resource management are the resource list, global search, new dashboard, and integrated cost estimator. Now, you might be thinking, “What are those terms and how does this actually benefit me?!” Don’t worry, we’re here to explain all of that to you.

What’s going on?

IBM Cloud has a major rebranding project going on, and that means that everything is getting renamed to be part of the IBM Cloud and use the cloud.ibm.com domain instead of bluemix.net or control.softlayer.com. For backward compatibility, old bluemix.net URLs will be sticking around on API endpoints, but the default one becomes cloud.ibm.com, and UIs will direct you that way.

Resource list

The resource list is going to take the place of the old dashboard. The information that you’re used to seeing is still there, but you have the added benefit of collapsible columns and infrastructure resources all within one screen. You can still take the actions that you are used to, and you will be able to filter with the column titles.

Global search

The second enhanced feature that we want to dive into is the global search. This means you can search for resources that you have provisioned and expect to appear in the resource list. We have added the ability to search for catalog results, so if you haven’t provisioned it yet, you can quickly find what you’re looking for. Additionally, if you look through the returned results and don’t find what you were looking for, you can click on four different options:

  1. View all resource results: This will direct you to a filtered resource list that will auto-populate the name field within the resource list, giving you the most relevant results. The reason this is valuable is because the returned search displays the first 10 resource results. If you know there are more, you can see them all via the resource list.
  2. View all catalog results: This directs you to a filtered catalog search. The first five results are displayed here by name. If you want more detailed search criteria for catalog entries (e.g., searching the description), you can click this link and get a filtered catalog results view. It helps you find the things you want to provision faster.
  3. Search _______ in support cases: This will take you to a filtered search of managed cases to find tickets you have opened across the platform, including infrastructure services.
  4. Search _______ in Docs: This takes you to a filtered Docs view. So, if you wanted more context or documentation about something, you can more easily get to it.

A brand new feature that we are presenting for this release is platform tagging. Check out the “Platform on the Enhanced IBM Cloud Platform” blog post if you want to know more. Essentially, if you apply a tag to a resource, you can search for resources by the tags you’ve tagged them with.

New dashboard

The third feature that we want to introduce is our new and improved dashboard. Our dashboard is a series of widgets that hold relevant and useful information, giving a snapshot of what is happening across the account within one view. You can easily dive into any given widget to explore, take action, or get notified with what is occurring. For this release, we are coming out with eight widgets:

  1. Resource summary provides a count of all resources across the account and the different status of each category so that you can navigate to that resource and take a given action (e.g., restart the device).
  2. Planned maintenance notifies you of any upcoming planned maintenance (e.g., update to ZYX engine Nov. 12).
  3. Location status shows the status of the geographies that services are in so that if there is an issue or incident in a region, you can quickly identify it. This widget notes and checks for any known issues across the globe.
  4. Apps provides a shortcut to all the apps that you have access to and provides the ability to create new ones.
  5. Support cases summarizes the most recently updated support cases in your account.
  6. Usage provides a high-level overview of different resource category costs.
  7. User access provides a list of users in the account, with the added ability to manage and invite users.
  8. Learn gives general helpful documentation that anyone on the platform can get value from.

Integrated cost estimator

The last IBM Cloud platform feature that this post is going to highlight is the new integrated cost estimator that allows you to understand and estimate resource costs for all cloud offerings without making a purchase. Before this unification effort, you would have to navigate through multiple experiences to understand pricing information. Now, you can simply interact with the IBM Cloud catalog to estimate resource costs.

We integrated the cost estimator into the main catalog for a few different reasons, but mainly because the IBM Cloud catalog is the one place you can discover all IBM Cloud offerings (compute, network, storage, analytics, databases, AI, security, etc.). Offerings are displayed in local languages and currencies, giving our global customer base a one-stop shop for discovering cloud offerings and managing potential costs.

Laying the groundwork for a better IBM Cloud platform

We are beyond thrilled to bring these new features and enhancements to the IBM Cloud platform. We are confident that this release lays the groundwork to allow you to manage your resources more effectively while having a more pleasant, effective, and user-friendly experience.


Offering Manager - IBM Cloud Console

Matt Heitzer

Offering Manager - IBM Cloud Console

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