Increase Observability: IBM Log Analysis with LogDNA is Available Today on IBM Cloud

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Introducing IBM Log Analysis with LogDNA

IBM Log Analysis with LogDNA is available today on IBM Cloud. This service simplifies log management in the Cloud and helps your developers pinpoint issues quickly in their dynamically scaling applications and workloads.

Visualize your logs for valuable insights with IBM Log Analysis with LogDNA

Maximize value

Have you experienced a service interruption or application slowdown? In your day-to-day business, every minute counts. As we get closer to the Christmas holidays and businesses are pressing for quarter- and year-end results, expediting insight into your log data becomes key to improving service availability and reducing downtime. Consider using IBM Log Analysis with LogDNA, which offers the following benefits:

  • Alert your development and operations teams (DevOps) with multi-channel support for PagerDuty, Slack, webhooks, and more.
  • Query data from the LogDNA user interface in a similar way to how you query an Internet search engine, eliminating the need to learn a new query language for your searches and filters.
  • Gain real-time insights with the Live Tail feature. You can use Live Tail to observe logs in real-time, as application code is executed, saving your developers investigation time.

IBM Log Analysis with LogDNA is built to scale, reliable, and economical, whether your workload requires megabytes or terabytes of data per application. Furthermore,you can avoid the need to oversubscribe for service continuity since our offering meters on consumption. When you’re ready to grow, our tools can scale up with you.

Easily connect application workloads

Easily connect your Kubernetes and Operating System environment logs

You can find IBM Log Analysis with LogDNA in the IBM Cloud Console under Observability. Alternatively, provision an instance by using the command line (CLI).

IBM Log Analysis with LogDNA allows you to manage log workloads from a variety of sources, such as VSIs, Bare Metal, and other integrations. Also, if you are an IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service user, you can use the tools for containerized applications directly from the Kubernetes Cluster Management Console. Visit our documentation for more details.

The service also offers automatic parsing of common log formats and indexing of JSON objects. With this feature, you can quickly add value to your business and offer developers functionality to quickly buzz through huge amounts of diverse log data while squelching unnecessary log noise. In summary, be up and running with meaningful insights in no time.

Secure with long-term data sovereignty options

In an enterprise environment, your log data demands security and compliance. To this end, you can use IBM Log Analysis with LogDNA to:

  1. Protect your data with end-to-end encryption in motion and at rest.
  2. Simplify your security configuration by leveraging the LogDNA integration with IBM ID.
  3. Authorize access to your logging instances with IBM Identity and Access Management (IAM) in the same way as the rest of your IBM Cloud workloads.
  4. Keep your searchable log data local to the data center.

Even more, setting up long-term archiving to IBM Cloud Object Storage is a snap. You can configure IBM Log Analysis with LogDNA for daily archive to your Cloud Object Storage account. In addition, choose whether your archives are hosted in the same data center or elsewhere, allowing you to easily meet your long-term retention and compliance requirements.

Launch your journey today

Check out our new offering plans for 7, 14, and 30 days of log search. The offering is launched in US-South as a multi-zone region deployment and will be rolled out to additional data center regions over the coming months. Use the no charge Lite plan to gain immediate real-time visibility into your logs through the live tail function.

Let’s let the logs start rolling in.

Product Manager - IBM Cloud

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