IBM Cloud SQL Query at Think 2019

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Cloud-based Structured Query Language and IBM Cloud SQL Query

Cloud-based Structured Query Language (SQL) services provide capabilities that enable highly elastic and affordable cloud-native data persistency and analysis.  Solutions that traditionally required a relational database instance, can now be delivered using serverless cloud functions, object storage, and serverless SQL. We believe SQL has a bright future on the cloud.

SQL is a widely adopted mechanism to interact with data. SQL was originally developed by IBM Research, and IBM’s version of SQL became the foundation for ANSI standard SQL, which was adopted in 1986 and used by a generation of application and database developers.

IBM Cloud SQL Query is a serverless SQL service that enables cloud data-driven applications to come online faster with less specialized expertise and a lower cost. The SQL Query service enables a unified ecosystem for using SQL to query any data in the cloud.

To learn more, check out a post by Torsten Steinbach, “Serverless Data and Analytics“, or visit the IBM Cloud SQL Query page.

SQL Query sessions at IBM Think 2019

IBM Cloud SQL Query will be featured at the IBM Think 2019 conference in San Francisco, February 12-15. Early-bird registration pricing ends on November 16, so register and get your passes soon!

We recommend attending the following sessions:

  • The Future of SQL in IBM Cloud (InnerCircle pre-conference Session 2263)
  • Cloud Data Virtualization with SQL (Session 2238)
  • Sharing economy for analytics – SQL Query in IBM Cloud (Session 2162)
  • Self-Service Cloud Data Management with SQL (Session 2166)
  • Cloud-Native Click Stream Analysis in IBM Cloud (Session 2155)
  • Enterprise-Scale Analytics Performance with Cloud Object Storage (Session 2282)

* IBM Think conference InnerCircle sessions are restricted to InnerCircle participants and require a confidential disclosure agreement. InnerCircle is an inclusive event for C-level, senior executives, technical leaders, and practitioners. Contact your IBM account rep or email for details.

** Speakers and sessions are subject to change.  Please confirm using the Think conference Session Expert.

STSM - Watson Data Platform - SQL Service

Chris Glew

IBM Watson and Cloud Platform

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