Securing and Enhancing Workload Traffic on the IBM Cloud: The Juniper vSRX Network Gateway Appliance

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IBM Cloud is committed to building an open platform, one which gives customers flexibility and choice in best-of-class options for a hybrid and multicloud world.  In this spirit, we are pleased to announce the general availability of the Juniper vSRX Network Gateway Appliance. The Juniper vSRX Gateway offers the power of Juniper’s physical SRX appliance with the added flexibility of a virtualized deployment on the IBM Cloud.

We can deploy your new Juniper vSRX in hours, including one-stop IBM Cloud support and unique optimizations for Enterprise and Hybrid cloud workloads. You can order the Juniper vSRX Gateway from the IBM Cloud portal, in all IBM Cloud Commercial data centers across the world.  

Why Juniper vSRX? 

Built on the same underlying technology as the industry-leading SRX appliance, Juniper’s vSRX offers features that include robust networking, core firewall protection, DDoS mitigation, next-generation firewall capabilities, and additional security options. The Juniper vSRX Gateway also provides enhanced traffic control and improved protection for compute resources (VSI and Bare Metal servers) deployed on VLAN.  For the most demanding enterprise workloads, the Juniper vSRX can be provisioned in High-Availability (HA) mode, which uses clustering technology that allows for failover with zero downtime.  

For the Juniper vSRX we provide a fully automated deployment, pre-optimized for performance and scalability on IBM Bare Metal servers,. This simple and fast deployment model not only saves you time on the front-end, but removes the hassle of routine maintenance on an ongoing basis as well. 

Juniper vSRX on the IBM Cloud is ideal for these key use cases: 

As a gateway device:  

  • It offers a single point of entry for all inbound and outbound, public and private network traffic. 
  • It controls NAT traffic originating from public and private customers inside your VLANs. 

As a firewall device: 

  • It provides IP filtering on inbound traffic. 
  • It offers VLAN-based traffic shaping. 
  • You can set up zone policies to control traffic between customers, when routed inside VLANs. 

As an Edge router device: 

  • The vSRX supports IPSec and GRE tunnels for routing between off-premise and on-premise workloads. 
  • It enables connectivity for BYOIP, letting customers assign specific IPs and subnets to the servers routed behind the vSRX Gateway. 

Deploying vSRX on IBM Cloud 

  • The Juniper vSRX Network Gateway Appliance, available in 1Gbps and 10Gbps configurations, arrives ready to use: sign in and create a new networking experience today [] 

To learn more about Juniper vSRX Network Gateway Appliance in IBM Cloud, click here.

Offering Management, IBM Cloud Network

Shaival Chokshi

Network Services Architect, IBM Cloud

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