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IBM Cloud Object Storage Archive is Now Available at $0.002 per GB

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IBM Cloud Object Storage Archive: A new long-term, low-cost data archiving solution

The IBM Cloud team is excited to announce the general availability (GA) of IBM Cloud Object Storage (COS) Archive. At $0.002 per gigabyte per month, IBM Cloud Object Storage Archive is an extremely low-cost, scalable, secure, and durable solution designed for long-term data archival, backup, and disaster recovery.

With the massive growth of unstructured data, organizations are constantly looking for simplified, lower-cost options for storing data that may not be needed or is rarely accessed but cannot be deleted. This information must be securely stored and preserved (e.g., for 5–20 years or longer) to meet regulatory requirements or for business continuity purposes. Therefore, the storage must be compliant with regulatory standards, scalable to meet the capacity growth, protected against disasters or theft, and easily accessible when needed.

An increasing number of organizations across a broad range of industries (e.g., Media and Entertainment, Healthcare, Manufacturing) are realizing that there is significant potential value in having access to their older, archived data. By employing rapidly advancing data analytics and machine learning on troves of archived data, customers can expect to unlock business insights that can help boost operational efficiency and revenue growth.

Designed to maintain the highest level of availability, durability, and security

IBM Cloud Object Storage Archive meets the needs of today’s organization by offering an archive capability that is simply priced at $0.002 per GB per month1 for data storage and $0.02 per GB1 for data restore. The Archive uses an age-based archive policy engine to transition data from any of the four IBM COS storage class tiers to the archive. After the specified duration, objects are automatically moved from the storage-class tier to the archive. Once archived, customers can easily restore (via a simple API call) a copy of their objects when needed. By archiving the bulk of the unused data, customers can significantly lower their overall storage costs. The Cloud Object Storage Archive service is designed to maintain the highest level of availability and durability, and it provides comprehensive security and compliance capabilities to help meet regulatory requirements. The service is now available in the IBM Cloud Regional offerings—US-South, US-East, EU-Great Britain, and EU-Germany, and it will be available in additional locations later this year.

For more information, see IBM Cloud Object Storage Class Tiers and Archive capabilities, or start your free trial today.

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1 Pricing in US dollars

Offering Manager, Archive & Storage Lifecycle

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